New Super Broly Trailer is MAXIMUM! | Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer 2 Review | Team Four Star



  • AnimeAjay 8 months ago

    Thanks for the shoutout 💜

  • Kostia Komrad 8 months ago

    @animeajay i imagined that in your awesome english accent

  • Imran Saleh 8 months ago

    chala head chala is confirmed for movie i have proves

  • Jesse Hammond 8 months ago

    Naked Freiza confirms Radditz's observation that nudity must raise power levels on some planets.

  • LevelZeroSage 1 8 months ago


  • NerdArchives 8 months ago

    And Solar Flare! Cue disturbing raunchy lewd images of Frieza*

  • Naitsab 8 months ago

    Raditz: NOTICE ME !Bardock: *NOOOO!*

  • Baya Rae 8 months ago

    I'm still waiting for the standalone Nappa movie.

  • Alex Hole 7 months ago


  • Henry Grinnell 8 months ago

    Nappa’s Big Vacation

  • BlueMageDanny 8 months ago

    In hindsight, Abridged Vegeta said that Frieza was always naked, but he wore clothes until his final form.Until now...

  • Wesker 8 months ago

    @Catalyst Draws he will Just use his plot armor

  • Catalyst Draws 8 months ago

    @BlueMageDanny They probably dont have genetalia so i doubt it

  • Jacki B 8 months ago

    It's okay just blame trunks

  • The Grey Goblin 7 months ago

    Trunks is like Flash, he just time travels and fucks shit up

  • John Doe 8 months ago

    And you know who's at blame here?...THE BOI......

  • Geekdom101 8 months ago

    I wonder who the mysterious guy could have been who informed you of the trailer leaking... 😎😎😎

  • KOticPanda 7 months ago

    Careful your egos showing

  • Caleb Boyce 8 months ago

    Geekdom101 I wonder who asked?

  • Sorenthaz 8 months ago

    Technically Bardock's solo stand against Frieza can still happen. Just obviously not in the same way it did before where Bardock gets magic future fishman vision. From what I understand at the end of Minus it still mentions Bardock goes on to lead a rebellion against Frieza. Maybe we'll see an actual fight scene between Saiyans and Frieza's forces instead of Bardock facing off against a clusterfuck of fodder soldiers, and by the end of it he stands alone against Frieza with his comrades all dead etc.

  • NeonMango23 8 months ago

    So Bardock gets the Shoryuken now?

  • Lucifer Morningstar 8 months ago

    I agree. Still a possibility.

  • zamu2 8 months ago

    I figured this pinkish Freeza was just a younger version of him.Two things with Kale. Is she going to be mentioned, and will Kale, if seen again, will be referred to as U6's Legendary Super Saiyan? I guess on that note, will Broly be referred as the Legendary Super Saiyan?

  • Shaquan Avalon 8 months ago

    Probably not check the dbs broly wiki page

  • Warrior Dude 8 months ago

    I like how my video started buffering when Kaiser asked “When Broly 2” it’s like it could not handle that question