Thrall, Jaina & Saurfang Save Baine - All Cinematics [8.2 WoW BFA: Rise of Azshara]

  • Published on:  6/28/2019
  • Thrall, Jaina & Saurfang Save Baine. All Cinematics Movie. In 8.2, Baine is to be executed by Sylvanas Windrunner for returning Derek Proudmoore to Jaina. Saurfang escapes to Nagrand to find Thrall to tell him the Horde needs him back. Jaina teams up with Thrall & Saurfang to save Baine, and later rebuild old bonds.

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    Now this one here was a labor of love! I’ve wanted to cover this once I knew where Saurfang was heading to back in 8.1.

    This here compiles the entirety of Saurfang’s/Thrall’s/Baine’s story and helps the player understand WHY/HOW Thrall & Saurfang appear in Orgrimmar to save Baine.

    For those who are caught up, skip to 7:49. Patch 8.2 is truly ten steps up for BFA and the work and effort put in is incredible.

    Of course I added the music in the background silly. I thought this was like a given by now!
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