Top 12 Dragon Ball Fights | 3 | DBCember 2018 | Team Four Star (TFS)



  • Jebus 6 months ago

    #1 is gonna be Krillin VS chiaotzu.Calling it.

  • Pablo Gutierrez 5 months ago

    @MY INSTINCT True. But you also can't beat an imaginary opponent. Even when he fought his imaginary opponent (which he did a lot earlier on in the series), he lost. Sooo it would have been a winning bet if you were there.

  • Foxo Commando 6 months ago

    Y'all dumb lol it's gonna be Frieza vs Katopesla

  • Enzo Draws 6 months ago

    Oh boy, we're down to the last two, Goku vs Monster Carrot is coming I know it!

  • SilentxKillerx5 5 months ago

    Wrong asf.

  • Robo4900 5 months ago

    @Brian Bunnetto Watch Dragon Ball episode 9, and you'll find out. 😊

  • PlagueOfGripes 6 months ago

    Goku vs Freeza #2, Goku vs Vegeta #1? Only things I can think of that would trump it. Personally I'd put this fight above the Freeza fight, due to the massive pacing issues and the fact that it's more of an arc than a fight, and has a rather impotent - if not unique and interesting - ending. Goku vs Vegeta is probably my favorite fight in Z for various reasons, although it also has pacing issues but some great character-driven decisions. But as far as single, one episode fights go, this is #1.

  • Big Dawg 22 days ago

    @Andrew Gray Frieza is a great character, but Goku vs Frieza is beyond tedious. It just goes on and on with lots of filler.

  • Andrew Gray 23 days ago

    Why when you have said that the lead up to it was poorly done? The ending of Goku's fight with Frieza went the way it did because of the lead up to the fight, who those two characters are and why they act the they do. Do you think Jerin is a well written character in comparison to the leader of the PTO ?

  • 5:30 I did predict 17 winning... as a joke. As the tournament was ending we had watch parties with some friends and as 17 kept surviving I started joking that 17 would actually win the tournament and get his boat. It became a kind of a recurring joke for a while until 17 seemingly killed himself. And then as he shows up we are all like "Shit... no way!", we're all excited looking at the screen not only because the final fight is awesome but also because we all want to know if the stupid joke ...

  • Andrew Gray 23 days ago

    @Smart Alec That would have been nice to see and could have been good a good arc but I am not sure Toriyama could have given it to us. We saw Vegeta calm down and accept that he could stand at least a few earthlings a care about them with out stopping being himself and the Prince of all Saiyans. We saw less for 18 but we still saw her changing and interacting with the rest of the cast. We have not gotten it with her brother and that bothers me. At least we know that Frieza is still a monster that the Z...

  • Smart Alec 23 days ago

    @Andrew Gray People stretch him to have an arc of not hating humanity or something

  • Irish StarFish 6 months ago

    I am positive number one is gotenks vs Hitler

  • Irish StarFish 6 months ago

    @Gabriel Wright-Dunn obviously it's gonna be pilaf vs bulmas middle finger

  • Gabriel Wright-Dunn 6 months ago

    Come on, are we really going to forget Dodoria vs The Face F*cker?

  • Ben Campbell 6 months ago

    *_Prince_of_all_Saiyans.exe has stopped responding._*

  • Andrew Gray 23 days ago

    @farmer with a shotgun Yes goku's foolishness about Frieza not being a monster is some thing the former slave can not get.

  • farmer with a shotgun 5 months ago

    @Jam Ka angry group enters your grandmas house and drags her to the front yard

  • The Magnifikle 6 months ago

    While I would say he hates Frieza, I don’t think he hates Goku considering Goku is his only friend. Vegeta is just a Tsundere.

  • Andrew Gray 23 days ago

    I would say you are mostly right although wish that the they would have Vegeta act like he hates Frieza because this he is our ally shit has got to stop especially after the last movie and with Frieza just being Frieza.

  • Andrew Gray 23 days ago

    @MEGURMAN And as we have seen Goku still does not get that Frieza is their enemy so Vegeta does not get his stupidity in this area.

  • Matthias McCormack 6 months ago

    I love that Lani acknowledges the flickering hair. That's my favorite moment in super. Just the fact that he's willing his body to do what it shouldn't be able to

  • ohiorushbaby 5 months ago

    @Chris Christ That's exactly what I love about that scene. He's literally at the end of his rope, pushed beyond all reason and powered by nothing except pure desperate emotion. The fact it's happening next to Freeza, the original impetus of that very first emotional transformation into Super Saiyan, makes it SOOOOOOO satisfying.

  • Chris Christ 5 months ago

    It’s actually reminiscent of the first time Goku went Super Saiyan

  • Torencresent 6 months ago

    I agree with the fact that this arc was a bit too longwinded, but I watched a video where someone cut all the reactions, ongoing fights, etc into one continuous shot, and you notice some amazing details that were synchronized wonderfully for the whole thing. It didnt seem well done as an episode by episode thing, but if you can find that video, watch it. Has like 10 screens or more on at once, but it really shows how chaotic and awesome the fight was, and really puts into perspective, why certain peopl...

  • Ultimate me 6 months ago

    I'm actually surprised it managed to have these highs considering it's problems behind scenes.

  • Grayson Christian 6 months ago

    Am I the only one that loved the Tournament of Power all the way through? There were so many great character moments and fun fights. Master Roshi being serious and effective. Toppa and Vegetas fight. 17 sacrificing himself. Universe 6 getting erased. Even the less serious moments were fun. Idk. Tournament of Power felt like a really cool blend of traditional Dragon Ball tournament arcs and the stakes of the fights we see in Dragon Ball Z.

  • 0 miarose 2 months ago


  • Aster07 4 months ago

    @Zakana same, not even counting her hypocrisy, her upset at 17 for interrupting her just aggravated me. Literally, *the entite multiverse is at stake* She stops momentarily to begin her trasnformation, the MVP was just doing what any normal person would do in such a situation: spots an opening, goes for a good hit. Not only does she get a hissy fit for him just seizing an opportunity, he is treated as rude and in the wrong for doing something the Z Fighters should have been doing since _the Freeza Arc...