Christmas with the Kranks - JonTron

  • Published on:  12/25/2016
  • Go to to get your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL and FREE AUDIOBOOK!TIM ALLEN, CHRISTMAS OVERLORD. SUBMIT.Cast:Jon Jafari - HimselfCo-Worker - Javarr TarrellCrew:Director/Writer - Jon JafariAssistant Director/Line Producer - Sergio TorresDirector of Photography - Nick OliverAssistant Camera - Dylan LopezGaffer - Mike ShayneSound - Matt NissenMakeup/Special Effects- Melanie LicataProduction Assistant - Aramis KleinPost Production:Lead Editor - Jon JafariAssistant Editor - Andrew ReynosoTitle Cards/Intro/Art Assets - Michael Azzi : Logo: Keanu Modeseven Jones + Shane Gill of JonTron Theme by:"He Chose Me Remix" by LilTommyJ:


  • Daniel Vanegas
    Daniel Vanegas 2 years ago+5278

    This video was sponsored by the church of The Seven

  • GordionKnot
    GordionKnot 8 months ago+1320

    You put on makeup (complete with lipstick), a wig, and a dress for a 4 second cutaway gag. What a hero.

  • BlameItOnMe
    BlameItOnMe 5 months ago+766

    i love the religious homeless man|

  • Everythingman008
    Everythingman008 4 months ago+537

    ah yes that moment a crazy guy creating a cult steals a youtubers microphone thinking he was from the news, a very relatable scene

  • GMB Goomba
    GMB Goomba 5 months ago+383

    I like how Jontron just skips over the fact that Santa's Sleigh is a Volkswagen Beetle

  • Omen
    Omen 2 years ago+2555

    " I am Allah"
    ... How the hell am I suppose to respond to that ?

  • Kaworu Nagisa
    Kaworu Nagisa 4 months ago+506

    His church gonna be on fire. Call it the Notre Dame.

  • Fletchy Sketch
    Fletchy Sketch 5 months ago+270

    10:44 Did he offer any of his Crystal Skull Vodka?

  • Vince Sergi
    Vince Sergi 4 months ago+265

    "You can't tell me what that means".
    Me: ummm nope.

  • Bobby Harrell
    Bobby Harrell 3 months ago+241

    The guy at the end always kills me...
    But seriously people, that man needs help.

  • Doctor Blam
    Doctor Blam 5 months ago+48

    18:20 When you ask someone for their best Tim Allen but they give you Dan Aykroyd instead

  • CrookedKing
    CrookedKing 4 months ago+111

    Every reaction from Jon during the crazy dude at the end was PRICELESS.

  • Vakra Gaming
    Vakra Gaming 5 months ago+77

    Crazy man “He chose me”
    Jon “ Give me your Tim Allen impression”
    Crazy man “ I don’t know Tim Allen”
    Jon ‘life fades from his face’

  • Supergeek 110
    Supergeek 110 7 months ago+79

    "I heard a rumor that she's having a baby out of wed-lock as well,"
    Why is Jon dressing in drag so damn funny?

  • Dragon's Eye
    Dragon's Eye 2 years ago+1996

    WTF was with that black guy near the end? Was he insane?

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 8 months ago+151

    I'm Changing Religions.

  • Ryan MacKenzie
    Ryan MacKenzie 1 months ago+32

    16:41 a replay button for anyone who found the "My car! My ground!" Bit as funny as I did

    REDATHEVITA 5 months ago+24

    this is the last video where jon used his old intro rip classic jontron :(

  • Matt Babineau
    Matt Babineau 3 months ago+38

    Screenplay by Chris Columbus??? As in Home Alone, Harry Potter Chris Columbus??? What the hell happened????

  • TrueUnderDawgGaming
    TrueUnderDawgGaming 2 years ago+10118

    That last part is why you never let anyone else hold the mic.