When Just Eating Watermelon Is Not Enough

  • Published on:  8/30/2019
  • Slime Sam loves watermelons. He likes eating them, but he loves doing fun stuff with them, too! He nearly flooded the bathroom while conducting one of his watermelon experiments. That's why his friend Sue suggested doing safer things to watermelons. Some of them are yummy, too!

    1:04 Watermelon chips. You'll need an empty chips can. Insert the can into a watermelon and twist it. Then carefully pull it out. You'll get a watermelon tube. Cut this tube into thin slices and you'll get perfect round watermelon pieces. They look just like chips, right?

    2:25 A fun way to cut a watermelon in half. You'll only need a coin!

    3:27 Watermelon jelly. You'll need an empty half of a watermelon and red gummy bears. Melt the bears and pour them into the watermelon. This tastes amazing!

    4:56 Watermelon volcano! You'll need Mentos mints and Coca Cola. Make an opening in the watermelon, put some mints into it and add soda. It's so mesmerizing!

    6:36 Watermelon juice dispenser. You'll need the watermelon from the previous trick. Just insert a water pump into the opening and pour yourself a glass of delicious watermelon juice!

    Watermelons are amazing no matter what you do to them, right?

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