Lisa&Lena – 5 Things You Know When You Have Siblings (EVERYTIME) | xLL

  • Published on:  10/20/2019
  • Yooo! ► Having a sibling mostly is a love-hate relationship. But even if they drive you crazy, they are there for you when it counts. You want more xLL Vibes with Lisa&Lena? ►

    In this episode of xLL EVERYTIME, Lisa and Lena take turns annoying each other. Lena stole a shirt, then Lisa takes her food. We hope you love the video as much as we do!

    Comment down below which you think is worse: Eating your sibling’s food without asking or stealing their clothes? 🙂

    Music featured in this video:
    Lizzo - "Good As Hell"
    Ava Max - "Torn"
    Sam Feldt - "Post Malone"

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