I Have Three Gold Digging Stepmothers And One Rich Dad. It's A War!

  • Published on:  2/13/2020
  • Hey, I’m Maggie, I’m 16 and recently, three of my ex stepmothers tried to take EVERYTHING we had away. Yes, THREE of them. It was a full-on war between me and my father, and THE EVIL TRIO.

    You see, my dad owns a big company and we’re pretty well off. Despite being a big businessman, he was always a very sweet and caring man. His only fault was that he always chose the wrong women. The first one was my Mom, who left us when I was 5. She would always berate my dad if he did anything wrong or even said something she didn’t like. She would cry and lie on the floor, trying to look like a victim, and my Dad would always give her anything she wanted.

    She demanded a divorce once she met another guy. My father was devastated and he lost half of his fortune in the divorce process. I didn’t understand much because I was only 5, I just remember dad crying a lot and spending time somewhere other than at home.
    For three or so years it was just me and my dad, and they were honestly the best years of my life. Then, during the next 10 years, he married two more times and just lived with a third lady for a little while. All of them were tall, beautiful, and very EVIL.

    I don’t even wanna call them by their names, instead I will use the nicknames. The first one was THE VULTURE – she “swooped down” on us when she noticed my Dad’s weakness. He opened up to her at a bar, telling her EVERYTHING, including about our money. At this moment, The Vulture SUDDENLY became very altruistic and caring. Dad fell in love, they got married, and then she enjoyed a few years living a luxurious lifestyle – swimming pools at expensive resorts, fur coats, and martinis. Sometimes all three of those things at the same time.

    At some point my Dad’s company was facing troubles, so dad had to tell her, “Honey, we have to reduce our expenses for a while.” POOF! She disappeared like a ninja, taking some of my Dad's belongings in the divorce process. Well, at least she wasn’t doing bad things to me. UNLIKE THE SECOND ONE.

    The second one was THE WEREWOLF. She met my Father at a charity event which she herself organized. My father fell in love with her “kindness.” The complete opposite of the Vulture, right? WRONG! Well, she was good with my Dad, but she still drained his wallet like a vacuum. She was also nice. With him. Every time she stayed alone with me, she turned into an evil witch – she screamed and locked me inside my room, but THE SECOND Dad returned, her face would change from “I’m gonna eat you and destroy your life” to “I LOVE children, charity, and baking cookies.” Of course my dad refused to believe me until I actually secretly recorded all of it.
    At least this time Dad was smart enough to get a prenup.

    With the third one, he was even smarter. He didn’t marry her. I will call her VENUS. Why? Well, Venus was the Roman goddess of fertility. Like the two other ladies, she kept buying extremely expensive things for herself, and she BEGGED my Dad to marry her, but being burnt three times already, dad refused. So, you know, she was like “surprise, surprise, I’m pregnant, marry me!” Dad was like “okay, I will, as soon as you do a paternity test.” Well, a few weeks later she did, and oops, Dad wasn’t the Dad.

    Without any hesitation he put her suitcases outside and told her to figure it out herself. Dad got depressed again and promised he wouldn’t date anyone else ever again. I felt sad, but also...relieved, because he had such poor taste, as you may have noticed. For a few months, we lived comfortably, enjoying each other’s company, but then...THE EVIL TRIO RETURNED. With a lawsuit.
    It turns out that Venus had found all of the other ladies and together they decided to finally consume what was remaining of my Dad and his money.

    One day, he got a call from Venus. She said that all of them needed to meet. So they did, at a cafe. He was SHOCKED to find that all three of them were together. The Werewolf was the leader because, well, she was the smartest one. With evil grins they presented my father this big document. Basically, they came up with a story that my father had abused all of them, physically and mentally, and while there was a small chance the court would believe ONE lady, with THREE of them, and one being pregnant?

    Of course, the lawsuit could be avoided if dad would just pay them money. Of course I was completely against him paying any money to those witches, but he was scared, so he took a big sum of money and gave it to them later on.
    I KNEW that that wasn’t the end of it and after a couple of months, they demanded even more money, and despite my protests, my dad paid them again...

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