ULTIMATE World of Warcraft Speedrunner Showcase | Method

  • Published on:  4/28/2021
  • Ever wondered the magic that goes into going fast? Today the infamous World of Warcraft Speedrunner Shiekrunner (https://twitter.com/Shiekrunner) takes us through 2+ hours worth of glitches, holes, and more in the game!

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    ► Credits
    Shiekrunner https://twitter.com/Shiekrunner

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    Creative Director - PlebCentral https://twitter.com/plebcentral
    Channel Manager - Ellis https://www.twitter.com/rainysxs
    Third-party Editor - Hamoth https://twitter.com/hamoth45

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    00:00:58 Throne of Thunder
    00:06:39 Stratholme
    00:09:41 Scarlet Monastery
    00:13:59 Shadowfang Keep
    00:16:00 Bastion of Twilight
    00:18:18 Razorfen Downs
    00:19:44 Razorfen Kraul
    00:20:45 Dire Maul
    00:21:45 Ahn'Qiraj 40
    00:23:29 Ahn'Qiraj 20
    00:24:46 Tol'vir
    00:25:32 The Deadmines
    00:27:05 Ahn'Kahet the Old Kingdom
    00:28:06 Azjol-Nerub
    00:29:45 Naxxramas
    00:34:24 Uthgarde Pinnacle
    00:36:17 Tol Dagor
    00:38:06 Siege of Boralus
    00:42:38 King's Rest
    00:51:02 Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
    00:53:12 Skyreach
    00:55:01 Bloodmaul Slag Mines
    00:58:00 Ulduar
    01:04:52 Gundrak
    01:05:24 Karazhan
    01:08:54 Return to Karazhan
    01:13:20 Siege of Niuzao Temple
    01:17:12 Shado-pan Monastery
    01:19:32 Stormstout Brewery
    01:21:36 Neltharion's Lair
    01:22:50 Tomb of Sargeras
    01:30:50 End Times
    01:31:54 Lower Blackrock Spires
    01:32:47 Magister's Terrace
    01:33:29 Mana-Tombs
    01:34:37 Hellfire Ramparts
    01:35:04 Blood Furnace
    01:36:27 Slave Pens
    01:37:42 The Steamvault
    01:38:36 The Underbog
    01:39:17 Serpentshrine Caverns
    01:40:34 The Botanica
    01:41:07 The Arcatraz
    01:45:27 The Mechanar
    01:46:52 The Firelands
    01:49:42 Black Temple
    01:58:59 The Stonecore
    01:59:56 Blackrock Foundry
    02:02:07 Well of Eternity
    02:04:53 Iron Docks
    02:05:39 Blackrock Caverns