• Published on:  9/5/2018


  • Phaxo 9 months ago

    This is it chief.

  • Julius Coleslaw 8 months ago

    Thx Phaxo, very cool

  • Chief Tooth 8 months ago

    Phaxo Thanks for letting me know

  • bobjobjoe 10 months ago

    I needed papa frank as a kid. I need joji as an adult. Thank you

  • Elijah Gallegos 8 months ago


  • Rainz 8 months ago

  • Internet Explorer 10 months ago

    Anyone else laying down in their bed?Edit: Thanks for the likes, we should all lay down in bed together and listen to this song

  • Panda_love 8 months ago


  • Rainz 8 months ago


  • Aline Reyes 10 months ago

    This song makes me feel something. it's saddening, yet it makes me feel so peaceful and calm. like in a fantasy state of mind

  • Mr. Williams 8 months ago

    It's sad, yes. But, through the darkness of this song, I feel a faint sense of calm and acceptance . . . in a way . . . in my head.

  • Lance Kaufmann 8 months ago


  • Fueygo Inc. 10 months ago

    From pink guy to joji, not disappointed

  • shloof 9 months ago

    @thybeach edshark stfu cunt

  • Sense Say 10 months ago

    Damn Joji, who broke your heart?

  • hello 8 months ago

    @rachel. what did she do?

  • Turtle Hurdle 8 months ago

    Chin chin

  • Nasir Djedi 10 months ago

    We gon hear this on the radio this is Joji's best work yet

  • Burga Tory 8 months ago

    poopoo peepee I mean the whole song is about being the last to dance and being left behind wounded, it's all about relationship issues which is super relatable...

  • W 6 8 months ago

    Too depressing

  • Jessica Verduzco 10 months ago

    i am in tears in the dark

  • Kobias Hickery 9 months ago

    Veronica please just let me see the kids

  • Kevin T 8 months ago


  • FUCK BOSTON 8 months ago


  • scumliz 10 months ago

    I’m crying in the club rn

  • Anthony A 8 months ago

    Lol what the fuck.

  • Sydney Fondren 9 months ago

    haha I see what u did there