What is happening to that horse??? - Cyanide & Happiness - Drawing a Blank Ep. 03

  • Published on:  12/4/2018
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  • Sahil Tesfaye
    Sahil Tesfaye 8 months ago+20

    still waiting on that Finland comic to become a video

  • PhilK
    PhilK 8 months ago+38

    This is the best series you guys have ever made. It's so funny I literally can't get over it.

  • Cheetah1985
    Cheetah1985 8 months ago+27

    I heard you were giving out free tacos. 🌮🌮🌮🌮

  • kremit
    kremit 8 months ago+29

    Revenge of the blank paper

  • Thomas Rosebrough
    Thomas Rosebrough 8 months ago+5

    lmao 'he'll grow into his halo dont worry mrs god'

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 8 months ago+11

    It's literally been 4 minutes and they already have 37 views. Wow. I can't think of what it'll be like in a month.

  • Collasol Bear
    Collasol Bear 8 months ago+4


  • Steven Matthews
    Steven Matthews 8 months ago+22

    I feel bad for the paper

  • Salty Pingu
    Salty Pingu 8 months ago+4

    If only more people appreciated your “behind the scenes” work

  • SirKitten the 5th
    SirKitten the 5th 8 months ago+5

    Aint first but Hella early

  • Trey
    Trey 8 months ago+2

    Focus is deviating from making a comic to drawing random garbage

  • Y Y
    Y Y 8 months ago+2

    This is such a criminally underappreciated project. You guys are awesome.

  • GamerGod88
    GamerGod88 8 months ago+1

    The number challenge was Dope!

  • GlitchMod
    GlitchMod 8 months ago+2

    Drawing a blank?
    You mean my sperm count?

  • snaplemouton
    snaplemouton 8 months ago

    I love those Drawing a Blank episodes. Please keep doing them!

  • Lei Wu
    Lei Wu 8 months ago

    NO IM LATE!!! 94 comment

  • Deividas Navickas
    Deividas Navickas 8 months ago+1

    this series is THE ONLY reason I'm signing up on twitch

  • HTAU_2 Hollow tree animates uwu 2

    Random question
    DOES ANYONE HAVE THE LINK FOR THE PO- I mean for the patron to support the paper!😂

  • Spartan141
    Spartan141 8 months ago+1

    I friggin love this series, moar MOAR!!!

  • Woolly PAR
    Woolly PAR 8 months ago+1

    How come there are three of these and they're all an hour long but they still drawing a blank?