Things that Happened While I Grew up

  • Published on:  9/9/2018
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  • FlyTitan
    FlyTitan 11 months ago+3302

    Things that happened to me when I grew up.
    -I got taller
    -My voice got deeper
    -My hair got darker
    Things that happened to Jaiden when she grew up.
    -Had an heelies accident
    -Almost drowned
    -Felt bad about eating chips

  • XxAmanda xX
    XxAmanda xX 21 days ago+1051

    Who else saw papyrus in the pile of spaghetti 🍝
    Like if you did

  • British Creamy
    British Creamy 4 days ago+62

    When she said
    "Can't disrespect our famireee"
    It had me dead😂😂

  • Sniper ClanXD
    Sniper ClanXD 14 days ago+247

    3:07 I died at thos facial expressions lol 😂

  • BriTheFrikFrak_ YT
    BriTheFrikFrak_ YT 21 days ago+134

    (Jaiden looking herself in mirror (she looks at her eyes) and stands there for an hour remembering her eye color)

  • A.I
    A.I 11 months ago+14645

    Anyone remember Mabel? I wonder what she's doing now..

  • tom cat
    tom cat 14 days ago+404

    4:24 "Its over Anakin , i have the high ground."

  • Susan Lentz
    Susan Lentz 7 days ago+44

    Jadein: Mom did you put my book somewhere?

  • JTBird 123
    JTBird 123 4 days ago+12

    Jaiden: Oh and once i almost drowned and died!
    Younger Jaiden: NANI???

  • Sol1ds
    Sol1ds 21 days ago+36

    This is how many times she said eye contact

  • Khanh Nguyen Cong
    Khanh Nguyen Cong 8 months ago+1794

    "we can't bring dishonor to our famiry"

  • Sarah and Joshua
    Sarah and Joshua 14 days ago+49

    4:18 same I took off my life vest in a water park and almost drowned

  • Minsung is Loud
    Minsung is Loud 6 days ago+20

    “So i just wrote ‘jaidens mom’” idk why but i laughed so hard at that

  • TheDiamondStew //YT
    TheDiamondStew //YT 2 days ago+18

    5:40 is this stories growing up or a disstrack on babies

  • Audrey Segedin
    Audrey Segedin 14 days ago+46

    Jaiden’s Mom:Jaiden, can you help me with the dishes?
    Jaiden’s Mom:Say “Pardon.” Jaiden!
    Jaiden’s Mom-
    Jaiden:Mom, can you help me with the dishes?
    Jaiden:.......You’re kidding me right?

  • Eva Slyva
    Eva Slyva 1 months ago+2203

    "You've got cancer"
    "No no it's okay! Just stop it."

  • Zachart Weber
    Zachart Weber 3 days ago+9

    If you look closely at the spaghetti pile you can see papyrus in the background

  • RiceCakes
    RiceCakes 7 days ago+19

    someone: you’re very akward
    jaiden: casually picks up eye contact degree with eyes

  • Bendy Kirby
    Bendy Kirby 14 days ago+20

    Well boys, we did it. Speech impediments are no more.

  • Allorah Sanchez
    Allorah Sanchez 5 days ago+2

    "Mom did you put my books somewhere?"
    " HUUUHHH?? "