Trump Just Wants To Be On Primetime TV

  • Published on:  1/8/2019
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  • Vanadyan
    Vanadyan 7 months ago+1083

    Trump did promise to run the country the way he runs his businesses. So now much like his casinos, his college, his football league, and his charity, the government is shut down.
    Seems like this might be the one campaign promise he kept.

  • Major Tom
    Major Tom 7 months ago+1917

    January 2017 - GOP majority
    January 2017 Wall not an emergency
    February 2017 Wall not an emergency
    March 2017 Wall not an emergency
    April 2017 Wall not an emergency
    May 2017 Wall not an emergency
    June 2017 Wall not an emergency
    July 2017 Wall not an emergency
    August 2017 Wall not an emergency
    September 2017 Wall not an emergency
    October 2017 Wall not an emergency
    November 2017 Wall not an emergency
    December 2017 Wall not an emergency
    January 2018 Wall not an emergency
    February 2018 Wall not an emergency
    March 2018 Wall not an emergency
    April 2018 Wall not an emergency
    May 2018 Wall not an emergency
    June 2018 Wall not an emergency
    July 2018 Wall not an emergency
    August 2018 Wall not an emergency
    September 2018 Wall not an emergency
    October 2018 Wall not an emergency
    November 2018 Wall not an emergency
    November 2018 Democratic majority elected in House
    January 2019 EMERGENCY!!!

  • Happydemon
    Happydemon 7 months ago+59

    This is disgusting, comparing the president of united states with a golden retriever... What did golden retrievers ever do to you!?!?!

  • moismyname
    moismyname 7 months ago+74

    "...but Lincoln was also able to close an umbella"
    Hahahahahahahahaha oh god we're all gonna die.

  • Mr. Adventure
    Mr. Adventure 7 months ago+121

    He is right, this is the longest national emergency of this country, tRump's presidency.

  • End of Delusion
    End of Delusion 7 months ago+258

    Sad day for America when comedians have to fact check the president.

  • Dan L
    Dan L 7 months ago+622

    Sanders: 4000 illegals were detained and our weakest point is the southern border.
    Reporter: But all 4000 of those came through airports
    Sanders: A large number is airports yeah but....
    How can Trump supporters be so mindlessly idiotic that they believe nonsense like this.
    If you think the southern border is a problem and a wall is needed because it will help... then you are a complete idiot brainwashed by fox news.

  • The Adrenalized Artist
    The Adrenalized Artist 7 months ago+83

    Wait, Fox News corrected!

  • duaneology®
    duaneology® 7 months ago+91

    I love the way Chuck looks over at Nancy when Trump is boasting "I will take credit for the shutdown!". It's a quick glance but it says loud and clear "Can you believe this idiot just said that?". And then Nancy wisely shuts down the conversation before Trump can back-peddle and hedge. Trump is way out of his league.

    JOKER FACE 7 months ago+142

    M.A.G.A Morons Are Governing America.

  • S Rowe
    S Rowe 7 months ago+459

    “By the time of this broadcast, we’re either in a brand new state of emergency or the same one we’ve been in since November of 2016." Hah! True that. 🙄

  • ShaunieBNaturalista
    ShaunieBNaturalista 7 months ago+92

    Mexicans bad, wall good, lie. Sad thing is... That really was the speech 🤡

  • Kirsten Hodges
    Kirsten Hodges 7 months ago+72

    Holy cow, I had no idea Pence could even speak. Lol

  • Christopher Kelly
    Christopher Kelly 7 months ago+33

    Hucka-sands crawls outta trumps butt just to tell us that it smells nice in there.

  • Err gag
    Err gag 7 months ago+926

    Wanna see how important border security is to Trump, and not just the "wall" so he put his name on it? Tell him he can have 25 Billion for the wall as long as it's named after Barrack Obama.

  • Nobody J
    Nobody J 7 months ago+121

    If you think about it, Trump and R. Kelly have allot in common, both are liars, both have their own cult following, both are men of color, both have the appearance of wealth, both have an "eye" for very young girls, both admit nothing, both have urine related sexual deviant preferences. Weird .

  • Angela Hamlett
    Angela Hamlett 7 months ago+138

    He wants to shut the government down for 1 year? Some people will do anything not to go to jail. Can't run from God, Karma or the American people though. No one is above the law! We are not going to stand for a dictator in this country. Support him or not. You all know 8 hundred thousand people not receiving pay and working is not fair. Meanwhile... their paychecks are not affected. smh...

  • Judy
    Judy 7 months ago+35

    I can't believe Fox called sanders out.That was a fox anchor right??WOW WOW!!

  • sugar
    sugar 7 months ago+334

    is there anyone else who just wants to grab Obamas leg and beg him to come back :(

  • WhiteFangofWhoa
    WhiteFangofWhoa 7 months ago+20

    7:30 Thank you for fact checking. It is the bane of this administration. As demonstrated by Huckabee here, nothing gets them more riled up than calling out their lies. Also the joke with Joe was great.