Trump Just Wants To Be On Primetime TV

  • Published on:  1/8/2019
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  • Vanadyan 5 months ago

    Trump did promise to run the country the way he runs his businesses. So now much like his casinos, his college, his football league, and his charity, the government is shut down.Seems like this might be the one campaign promise he kept.

  • Fuck You 1 months ago

    @ford nut fat man inherited money from his father any jackass who inherited money can start a business lottery winners and trump have something in common they got a free handout

  • the wraith77 5 months ago

    The dems just voted to give Tunisia 2.7 billion to help with their wall but wont sign for our protection. Smh

  • Happydemon 5 months ago

    This is disgusting, comparing the president of united states with a golden retriever... What did golden retrievers ever do to you!?!?!

  • Tripwire 1 months ago

    Pop on the rug, I suppose...

  • Videre Licet 3 months ago

    I guess because Trump is a Golden Shower Retriever technically?

  • Major Tom 5 months ago

    January 2017 - GOP majority January 2017 Wall not an emergencyFebruary 2017 Wall not an emergencyMarch 2017 Wall not an emergencyApril 2017 Wall not an emergencyMay 2017 Wall not an emergencyJune 2017 Wall not an emergencyJuly 2017 Wall not an emergencyAugust 2017 Wall not an emergencySeptember 2017 Wall not an emergencyOctober 2017 Wall not an emergencyNovember 2017 Wall not an emergencyDecember 2017 Wall not an emergencyJanuary 2018 Wall not an emergencyFebruary 2018 Wall not an emergen...

  • The Greatest 3 months ago

    @Sarabella Gignac where did you get those numbers?

  • TheDusk420 4 months ago

    @AJ King Trump has never built anything in his life.

  • Dan L 5 months ago

    Sanders: 4000 illegals were detained and our weakest point is the southern border. Reporter: But all 4000 of those came through airportsSanders: A large number is airports yeah but....How can Trump supporters be so mindlessly idiotic that they believe nonsense like this. If you think the southern border is a problem and a wall is needed because it will help... then you are a complete idiot brainwashed by fox news.

  • Jonathan Simon 4 months ago

    @Mr. Ubiboy reply here, yes i read them sometimes. never watch fox, or those idiots alex and rush. independent progressive here. we are going to crush cons 2020

  • Mr. Ubiboy 4 months ago

    @Jonathan Simon did huffpo, Vox, New York Times tell you that BS?The very fact that you believe that is about as valid as believing that the sloths will the ones that landed on the moon instead of Neil Armstrong

  • moismyname 5 months ago

    "...but Lincoln was also able to close an umbella"Hahahahahahahahaha oh god we're all gonna die.

  • JOKER FACE 5 months ago

    M.A.G.A Morons Are Governing America.

  • penguinsmovies 5 months ago

    Put that on a T-shirt And sell it at a trump rally.

  • End of Delusion 5 months ago

    Sad day for America when comedians have to fact check the president.

  • Richard Hedd 3 months ago

    The state of government is that screwed up!

  • Even sadder is that Colbert is a republican

  • Mr. Adventure 5 months ago

    He is right, this is the longest national emergency of this country, tRump's presidency.

  • Russ Martin 3 months ago

    He actually looks like he's going to have a stroke.

  • Wait, Fox News corrected!

  • theodore j 3 months ago

    The three actual news anchors at fox fact check the white house often... the two dozen opinion "news" screamers don't

  • Lindy Tatchell 5 months ago

    @Daft Vader so bloody true.

  • Kirsten Hodges 5 months ago

    Holy cow, I had no idea Pence could even speak. Lol

  • Russ Martin 3 months ago

    I thought he was a blind, deaf mute too

  • G McRae 5 months ago

    He spoke??