Top 24 Dragon Ball Video Games | 12 | DBCember 2017 | Team Four Star



  • TeamFourStar 1 years ago

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  • wiz wiz 1 years ago

    TeamFourStar when u doing the next episode please you guy's are the best 😂

  • damian serah 1 years ago

    xeno1 ps3 too

  • Wilfred Cthulu 1 years ago

    I think 2 is better.

  • It is but the opening of xenoverse 1 is better

  • TheWalking Creeper 5 months ago

    2 is way better

  • The Walking Taco 1 years ago

    "Divine savior"*Shows Dumplin*The Demon God is not Divine!

  • Kevin Mairena 1 years ago

    CheezerTheMouse it looks just like ribrianne

  • Ice Bird Gaming 1 years ago

    But you forget, his signature move is 'THE SAVIOUR HAS COME!'

  • Sean W. 1 years ago

    I wonder how they feel about the game?-goes to TFS Gaming-Ohhh...

  • Brian Rodriguez 1 years ago

    They enjoy it buuuuuuuut they have personally had to dealt with the manymanymanymanymany issues both games have had to the point that while they enjoy the concept they hate most of the gameplay.Tbh i think the games are okay they ain't good but they ain't bad i'm hopeful that Xenoverse 3 will be the game we truly wanted.

  • RealisticSimba 1 years ago

    Sean W. yep now you know why one wasn’t allowed to tell his opinion

  • Max Marriner 1 years ago

    Maybe the real Dragonballs were the friends they made along the way.

  • Cesar Victoriano 3 months ago

    Shame, I knew those friendship speeches would get him killed one day.

  • Mr. Prince22 1 years ago

    Sound like the one piece theory

  • Aerial Rave 1 years ago

    Ahh... at long last. The daily DBCember is finally here. Gotta say it was a slog watching bit by bit to get here on that last video.

  • Starcutter 1 years ago

    SenzuWeed 420 yeah, one video a day until Christmas now

  • Gucci9Tails 1 years ago

    JacksonJin “daily”

  • Angry Daniel 1 years ago

    *When they bash the game you love but the arguments are sound well fack*

  • Cough Drop 6 months ago

    Lmao same (but still you can love a game even if it’s not the best)

  • Chris Anderson 1 years ago

    Angry Daniel i love Xenoverse 2 too......

  • iq2992 1 years ago

    hated the RNG so much.... but i still play it and do 1v1s on ps3. Done over 10,000 battles. Love fighting online just for fun. The online mode and fighting other people, puts this game over BT3 for me personally. PSN - TrUtH18881

  • Jamal Bruna 1 years ago


  • skrtt skrrt 11 months ago


  • Jamal Bruna 1 years ago

    Episode 16 of the adventures of Dumplin.

  • bocodamondo 1 years ago

    i unlocked super vegeta 2 on my first try, but super vegeta 1 doesnt want to fkkn appear, i swear the RNG really is the worst thing of the game..the game honestly thinks everyone has more than enough free time to keep repeating the same PQ over and over and over and over again...lets hope xenoverse 3 will be a thing in the future,( but i guess that somehow depends on DBFZ succes?) since now they can add lots of new characters from the tournament of power arc

  • Alex D. 1 years ago