11 CRAZIEST Things Ever Caught!

  • Published on:  3/15/2020
  • From freakish fish that will try to swallow you to some illegal surprises, here are 11 of the craziest things ever caught!

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    11. Wels Catfish
    In Feb 2015, an Italian man named Dino Ferrari captured a 280-pound (127 kg) wels catfish in the country’s Po Delta. When the picture hit the internet, many people believed images of the catch were Photoshopped. The fish was so huge, the pictures just didn’t seem real.

    10. Water Dragons
    A fisherman named Alexey got quite the shock when he caught something really strange. He was fishing in the River Irtysh which flows through Russia, China and Kazakhstan and when he posted pictures online of his catch, everyone agreed that he had caught the mythical underwater dragon!!

    9. The Black Marlin
    People were in awe when, in late 2018, a fishing crew off the Queensland, Australia coast captured a 1,433 pound (150 kg) black marlin. It took fisherman Rob Crane and his crew about two hours to reel the creature in. When they noticed the fish had died, they decided to bring it to shore to see if it was a recordbreaker.

    8. Calico Lobster
    In October 2018, a fisherman’s net nabbed an extremely rare calico lobster in Pine Point, Maine, and it ended up at a nearby restaurant. The odds of catching a calico lobster are just one in 30 million.

    7. Giant Goliath Grouper
    The goliath grouper is an enormous ambush predator native to the east coast of the US down to Brazil and the Eastern Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. This sea creature has been appropriately named due to its large size. They can weigh almost 1,000 pounds and measure over 8 feet long (2.5 m).

    6. “Seaweed”
    A Florida man named Jorge Bustamante was out fishing for his birthday in July 2018 when he made a rather unexpected, and illegal, catch. The man hoped to capture a king fish or mahi mahi off the waters of Pompano Beach, roughly 11 miles (18 km) north of Fort Lauderdale.

    5. Hammerhead Shark
    In July 2018, Texas fisherman Poco Cedillo fought for an hour and 15 minutes before reeling in a 14-foot (4.3 meters) hammerhead shark off South Padre Island. He referred to his capture as “the shark catch of multiple lifetimes” and one he “only dreamed about.”

    4. Gigantic Gator
    The five-member Stokes family of Camden, Alabama set both the world and state records for the largest alligator ever caught in August 2014. Working together along the Alabama River, they spent five hours stalking, combating, and finally killing the 15.75-foot (4.8 meters), 1011-pound (459 kg) gator.

    3. Wolffish
    In September 2015, Japanese fisherman Hiroshi Hirasaka caught a massive Bering wolffish off the coast of Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island. Vice writer Emiko Jozuka likened the creature to “a cross between a grumpy grandpa and a monster,” and the internet gave way to rumors that harmful radiation from the Fukushima disaster caused its gargantuan size and strange appearance.

    2. A Very Big Birthday Gift
    In 2015, a Hawaii resident named Guy Kitaoka nearly broke the world record for the largest blue marlin ever caught when he reeled in a 1,368-pound (621 kg) specimen off the Big Island’s Kona coast. He was originally trying to catch ahi, but had no luck and switched his bait to a live skipjack, which is attractive to blue marlins, who feed largely on tuna.

    1. Albino Lobster
    Albino lobsters are the rarest of them all, with a one in 100 million chance of one being caught. The condition is caused by a genetic mutation called leucism, in which the animal’s shell completely lacks pigment.