Runescape's Barrows Brothers - Minecraft Pixel Art Speed Build

  • Published on:  1/4/2020
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    "Come for the stream, stay for the music"

    Thank you for checking out my first "properly editted" video! I'm glad it's finally out there after all the hours I had to put in it.

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    00:04 - Ahrim the Blighted
    03:30 - Dharok the Wretched
    08:05 - Torag the Corrupted
    12:30 - Guthan the Infested
    15:40 - Verac the Defiled
    19:00 - Karil the Tainted
    22:35 - Overview

    00:00 - Lauren - Men I Trust -
    03:40 - Oceanlab - On A Good Day -
    09:25 - Royksopp - Here She Comes Again (DJ Antonio Remix)
    13:00 - Sabrina Carpenter - Thumbs -
    16:30 - XYLØ - I Still Wait For You -
    20:30 - OSRSBeatz - Runescape 07 Sea Shanty 2 (Trap Remix) -