Remove Scratches from iPhone X and Polish It Back to New!

  • Published on:  2/20/2018
  • Best metal polish compounds for iPhone X:
    Mother's Mag (cheap) -
    Blue Magic (better) -
    MaaS (best) -

    Apple's iPhone X is a big hit—despite the kooky $999 price tag. One of the biggest changes was Apple's shift away from aluminum to stainless steel. Stainless steel brings a lot of welcomed features, amongst which are: increased grip, rigidity, and heft. But not all is wonderful. iPhone X scratches are very easy to come by and the stainless steel can end up looking pretty nasty in just a few weeks. Snazzy Labs host, Quinn Nelson, shows you how to polish stainless steel back to new. You can use this to remove scratches on your iPhone X, Apple Watch, and other stainless steel gadgets! It works so good you won't even need to know the best case for iPhone X—rock your phone without one!

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