Andy Samberg Shares His Rejected Golden Globes Jokes

  • Published on:  1/10/2019
  • Andy Samberg shares some of his rejected Golden Globes Jokes and talks about the return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
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    Andy Samberg Shares His Rejected Golden Globes Jokes- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • thetramp123
    thetramp123 8 hours ago

    Those Roma/Netflix jokes were solid.

  • Bronwyn P
    Bronwyn P 9 hours ago

    who dares thumbs down this video

  • Sara Ayon
    Sara Ayon 9 hours ago

    Roma is such an emotional experience, when it was over I literally sat there and cried for a full five seconds before Netflix started blasting a new movie where Kurt Russel plays Santa Claus.

  • Victoria Vasquez
    Victoria Vasquez 10 hours ago

    Andy Samberg can get it 😛

  • Chris Rusch
    Chris Rusch 11 hours ago

    Lucas Chalamet

  • Alicia Hanke
    Alicia Hanke 12 hours ago

    Andy Samberg talking about John Mulaney is everything I needed. So I can die now in peace,,,, as one does

  • Joyce Abrantes
    Joyce Abrantes 13 hours ago

    He is adorable 😍❤️

    ABHINAV KHANNA 18 hours ago

    I think the funniest part was andy samberg's laugh at 5:54

  • James Weldon
    James Weldon 18 hours ago

    Libtards snow flakes and cucks 😂😂

  • Yodahe Abebe
    Yodahe Abebe 20 hours ago

    I'm cringing. 8 minutes of forced laughter noises.

  • Emily Wiltshire
    Emily Wiltshire yesterday+1

    Hahahah I live for these!!

  • Christopher Cox
    Christopher Cox yesterday

    2:11 best part

  • Bill A.
    Bill A. yesterday

    two stinking jews licking each other’s asshole!!

  • jacko
    jacko yesterday

    he WROTE IT!

  • jcufaude
    jcufaude 2 days ago

    Samberg has become quite the hottie.

  • Will Smith's Twin Who Failed in Life

    Libtards, snowflakes and cucks. That one joke makes me respect Andy more.

  • Hello I'm Weebo
    Hello I'm Weebo 2 days ago

    the first joke was amazing, how dare they not use it

  • Michael T
    Michael T 2 days ago

    Why is he a better John Mulaney than John Mulaney?

  • sam k
    sam k 2 days ago+1

    I saw this on tumblr

  • noshitwill
    noshitwill 2 days ago

    get u someone who looks at u the way seth looks at andy