9 Most TERRIFYING Mythical Creatures!

  • Published on:  2/19/2020
  • Hi, it’s Katrina! From shape-shifting vampires, to cannibals with an icy heart, here are 9 of the most frightening mythological creatures from around the world.

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    9. Flying Head
    Also called the Big Head or the Great Head, the Flying Head is a cannibalistic, ravenous spirit of Wyandot and Iroquois mythology who is cursed with an insatiable hunger. Its appearance varies between storytellers, but the Flying Head is generally depicted as an undead monster that is huge, when it rested on the ground it was larger than the tallest man, with evil, fiery eyes and with long, dark and tangled hair and jagged, razor-sharp fangs.

    8. Ucumar
    The Ucumar also goes by the names Ucu and Ucumar-Zupai and is a hairy, Bigfoot-like beast that terrorizes people in parts of Chile and Argentina. It’s similar to the North American Sasquatch and the Yeti of the Himalayas. Some depictions of the Ucumar liken the creature to a half-bear humanoid. It stands between five and seven feet tall and is covered in thick fur, with huge limbs, small eyes, and large, sharp teeth.

    7. Aka Manto
    The Aka Manto is a red-cloaked spirit of Japanese urban legend that haunts bathrooms throughout the country, especially in schools. It tends to have a favorite stall and toilet in each bathroom, often the fourth one, and favors older and seldom-used facilities.

    6. Wendigo
    The wendigo is an evil, man-eating monster or spirit of Algonquin folklore stemming primarily from the tribes based in Canada’s East Coast and the Great Lakes regions, and the northern forests of Nova Scotia. Known as the flesh-eater of the forest, its physical appearance varies among tribes, but the wendigo is often described as having some human-like characteristics but it is emaciated with its bones pushing against its skin.

    5. Gashadokuro
    In Japanese mythology, Gashadokuro are from the category of supernatural spirits and monsters called yōkai. They take the form of giant skeletons and are 15 times larger than the average person. They’re invincible and indestructible, and are rumored to be created from the bones of multiple people who died in battle or from starvation and were never buried.

    4. Toyol
    A toyol, or tuyul, is an undead child in Southeast Asian folklore, appearing in stories from Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. It goes by several different names, which vary from one community to another, and is similar to the tiyanak of Philippine mythology.

    3. Adze
    The Adze is a shapeshifting vampire from the folklore of the Ewe (eh-way) tribe, who live throughout Togo and Ghana. It’s a firefly in the wild, but transforms into a human when someone catches it. As a firefly, an adze squeezes through closed doors and keyholes at night and sucks people’s blood as they sleep, causing their victims to fall ill and die. They prefer younger victims, including children and babies.

    2. Ammit
    Also known as Ammut, Ammit was an Ancient Egyptian goddess and demoness who held various titles, including “Devourer of the Dead” and “Eater of Hearts.” Her body was made of parts from the three largest man-eating animals known to the Ancient Egyptians -- she had the head of a crocodile, the torso of a lion, and the hindquarters of a hippopotamus, but also appeared in the form of a human at times.

    1. Qalupalik
    The Qalupalik is a female humanoid demon of Inuit mythology, who dwells in the icy Arctic waters of what is now Northern Alaska and Canada. While mermaids sound nice in theory this creature is quite different. It’s incredibly hideous, with bumpy, green skin; webbed claws; fins coming out of its head, back, and torso, and long hair and nails.