Who is Banksy?

  • Published on:  10/13/2018
  • Banksy is perhaps the most mysterious and subversive artist alive, for years people have been trying to figure out who's behind these works.Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTrendingFollow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TopTrendingCommentator: https://www.201tube.com/user/BaerTaffyWho is Banksy?


  • Dd Pl 8 months ago

    Poor him. Always who is Banksy? Never how is Banksy?

  • Brad the Pitts 12 days ago

    Haha should be "Who ARE Banksy? rumor is that it is actually FOUR women!"

  • bitch lasagna 15 days ago

    Fuck banksy

  • Boshua Borman 9 months ago

    I honestly don't want to know. He's better off anonymous.

  • sexobscura 27 days ago

    they are a team of artistes

  • Fling Gonza 1 months ago

    Then why did you click on the video?

  • trongborg 8 months ago

    I'll do you one better! Why is Banksy?

  • Roar Liger 10 days ago

    @BananaDood damn it!

  • Roar Liger 10 days ago


  • Zakariya mohamed 3 months ago

    Well I am not Banksy for sure .so one Down few to go

  • Mallory Pyroar 2 days ago

    That sounds like something Banksy would say

  • Daniel Morton 8 days ago

    put me down as a maybe

  • ty 9 months ago

    Beginning of the video: Who is Banksy? Ending of the video: Who is Banksy?

  • M B 2 months ago

    @Tia Clearly you are an idiot.

  • ToxicIsHere yesterday


  • Juice Goose 8 months ago

    My dad knows him fairly well because we live in Bristol where he grew up - There are a lot of people in Bristol who have a connection to him in some way. Also he went to my school! Also there's one of his first pieces on a fence near my house!

  • Jacktheboss 751 yesterday

    Yeah ok I sort of believe you but you know its like.....how do you know it was him

  • sexobscura 27 days ago

    prove it

  • Mystery D 8 months ago

    4:45 "The film was made by a very small team"*shows midget*Was that intentional??

  • Brad the Pitts 19 days ago

    Who activated the shredder? Either Banksy was in the room, or he had an accomplice.

  • Brad the Pitts 12 days ago

    @Happy2bFree Yes, and WHO activated it? Seems to me to be an underrated part of the story. Either the mysterious Banksy was in the room, or he had an accomplice. The shredder was to be activated "if in the event that it was sold at auction" soooooo... how did it shred???

  • Banksy is a Grandmaster of the Arts, a real Ninja type Artist coming straight from the underground!