Top 10 Hardest Hitting Abilities in WoW's History (World of Warcraft)

  • Published on:  10/22/2019
  • In this video will go over the top 10 hardest hitting abilities from wow's history. Some rules on this list, it can be any class ability from any expansion, using whatever buffs and items are available to your class in a reasonable manner. But it will excluding things like one time damage buffs from bosses or one time use items and stuff like that.

    Videos used:
    Ten Years Late -- Fraps from a Geared Vanilla Mage:
    Demonology Warlock Crit Thal'kiel Consumption 8M Artifact:
    The Unedited Kazzak Solo Video:

    --The List--
    10-Old school pom 1.0
    9- Curse of Doom 1.0
    8- Touch of Death 1.5
    7- Lights Wrath (Super charged) 1.75
    6- Thal'kiel's Consumption 1.9
    5- Legendary stacked Rogue Fan of Knives 2.5
    4- Death From above 3.75
    3- Prot Warrior Vengeance Execute 18.3
    2- Combustion 33.0
    1- Rek Bomb 200.0

    -Health Values For Each Xpac-
    Vanilla - 3k
    TBC -10k
    Wrath - 30k
    Cata - 200k
    Mists - 600k
    WoD - 400k
    Legion - 4 million
    BFA - 250k
    (these values are debatable, but are what is used in the video)

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