Finnegan's Garage Ep.59: I Bought The World's Longest Squarebody Ramp Truck and it Tried to Kill Me!

  • Published on:  1/7/2019
  • This is part 1 of an insane adventure that my friend David Newbern and I just went on. A super rare '89 GMC Sierra 3500 Crew Cab Ramp Truck hit the internet last Wednesday and I couldn't help myself; I had to have it. So we flew to Cincinnati on Friday and bought it, intending to road trip it home. The seller claimed it had just 35,000 miles on it and that it was ready to road trip. The mileage claim was correct. The road trip portion of their statement was total BS! Witness the joyous discovery and test drive of the ultimate hauler and then watch in horror as we nearly get destroyed by tractor trailers when the 454ci V8 shuts off as we reached the top of a two-lane bridge and had to roll backwards down the highway.

    Part 2 will be live next week and you'll see how we overcame the odds and extreme parts failure to make it back home with our new favorite tow pig!

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  • slammedgmc1997
    slammedgmc1997 10 hours ago

    Whats going to happen to your other ramp truck

  • UnkleJustin
    UnkleJustin 12 hours ago

    Holy product placement!! I could swap me some video time for a few cases of Doritos!!

    ARNWRKR 18 hours ago+1

    AAA...Help !

  • davin reeves
    davin reeves yesterday

    Haha I had the same double sided tape case!

  • Drewster Originals

    Reminded me of classic Roadkill

  • littlebitofinsanity

    Fix ramp video please

  • Chip Bridgeville
    Chip Bridgeville 2 days ago

    When yinz are BACKING UP on a highway or Interstate, the passenger is supposed to get out and direct traffic AWAY. Some knucklehead is always not payin' attention or nearly fallin' asleep and will rear end y'all.

  • Bloodcurling
    Bloodcurling 2 days ago

    @9:07 it's a really stupid thing to put your arm over the seat belt

  • Old Smokey
    Old Smokey 3 days ago

    I wish I'd known this was going on. You all were like, an hour from my house. Which is might I add, well stocked with tools for working on 70s-90s GMC and Chevy vehicles. Dammit I coulda met THE Finnegan
    EDIT: The horns on the older Chevy/GMC pickups have a nasty habit of breaking down, they used a lot of rubber that tends to dry rot (This wasn't always true some used different components. I am speaking from personal experience with these types of trucks) it honestly will most likely be a rather simple fix to repair the horn. The fuel system though....

  • Pernic10us
    Pernic10us 3 days ago

    That headliner tho.

  • Cody Mulford
    Cody Mulford 3 days ago

    You were close to my home town

  • Carl Senden
    Carl Senden 4 days ago

    I want it😎

  • Paul Orozco
    Paul Orozco 4 days ago

    Upgrade that thing to a Duramax. Then you'll really love it!

  • Paul Orozco
    Paul Orozco 4 days ago

    It's in pristine shape. Great find Fin!

  • chatsworth777
    chatsworth777 5 days ago

    Lesson learned LONG ago, never trust a fuel filter in a truck that has been sitting.

  • Great Dimitri
    Great Dimitri 5 days ago

    Wireless backup camera....okay. No need. Everyone just can't stop spending money. They drove in reverse without a problem for 100+ years...perhaps the passenger spot you or let someone else back it up if you can't.

  • Kevin Hoversland
    Kevin Hoversland 5 days ago

    How much was this?

  • james Branner
    james Branner 5 days ago

    Yes I park outside window all the time with both hot rods I have so I can look at them

  • Ian Roberts
    Ian Roberts 5 days ago

    I miss roadkill

  • Layne Douglas
    Layne Douglas 6 days ago

    Are you kidding me? The truck says SCHMALTZ Racing Team. Who names their team SCHMALTZ Racing? and you wonder why the sellers would not help out? Maybe they were part of the SCHMALZ team.....