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  • Published on:  8/2/2019
  • After exaclty a year from the release of episode 1 here we are with the second episode.
    The work behind this one is something we can't describe with words, after seen that quality you guys will probably understand what we're talking about.
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    A huge thanks goes to all the people that made this quality possible , here's the entire production team for episode 2:
    Luke(Director & Lead animator): https://www.instagram.com/thenotoriousluke/
    Tomotion(Compositor,Co-animator,Co-writer): https://www.201tube.com/channel/UC7NrNAZwqIZa1Aq0834f7EQ
    Loki(Co-animator): https://www.201tube.com/user/suncollecter123
    Merimo(Co-animator): https://www.201tube.com/channel/UCXKHjFArLx4b8z60p4sgZ9w
    Friedrich Habetler(Music composer): https://www.201tube.com/user/CodyGameMusic
    Friedrich Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5SXDD9VlYtGWQMv2XRo7C4?si=9hAtOv0MQ9qrp7LHP__9eg&fbclid=IwAR0LNeEOXQyLFWugOMd7xO_FYKMEhnILWSEHpqEqqdiFDDyJRTmPoBJQCXk
    Chry_Insy_art(Backgrounds artist): https://www.201tube.com/channel/UCna85eSNQgamyVLmKxmmPHw
    Askon(Sound editor): https://www.201tube.com/channel/UCfzwiuAJKROcatF13v8TSpQ
    Monty Thompson(Vegeta,Piccolo,Didger): https://www.201tube.com/user/ThompsonKSU
    Gavin Ej Neal(Majub): https://www.201tube.com/user/JokeBucketFilms
    Tyrone Manguse(Mysterious namekian): https://www.201tube.com/user/TyroneMagnus
    Steve Israel (Goku,Broly,CD): https://www.instagram.com/phellxion/
    Emma Breezy(Pan,Bra): https://twitter.com/EZBreezyVA
    Will Doe(Corpio): https://www.facebook.com/willdoexyy
    Gage Paulos(Goten): https://twitter.com/search?q=%40JoystixReviews&src=typd
    Shay-ki-fullalove(Trunks): https://twitter.com/TheShakyShaky?fbclid=IwAR2PH1IuCindsZtjfO7sEsih9wag_MPrBFGjp1FJZhd_n8X2ar8kehqyx-8
    Jared Raman(Baba): https://twitter.com/jeraldovo?fbclid=IwAR3R4MTjNVyZaR13KYszeyLwzgTPgAdg7XR_DwL_RCUK-r-hFm9uC8W4z1o
    Thanks for watching evryone!
    Dont forget to find the "hidden" easter eggs(Dragon Ball radar & Iron Man helmet)
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