KILL THE CREATOR - Rapture Rejects Livestream

  • Published on:  2/1/2019
  • Get a Ted Bear outfit whenever you kill me. PLUS GAME GIVEAWAYS!Rapture Rejects is available on Steam:


    OORHEZA 6 months ago+80

    Remember when this game was originally pitched as an adventure game?

  • The boi With speed
    The boi With speed 6 months ago+51

    Oof ted bear went to far

  • MR. Negrete
    MR. Negrete 5 months ago+5

    Me for the 1st 8 mins: When does the gameplay start?

  • angel flores
    angel flores 6 months ago+5

    Also need to market it more

  • Kacj Aioig
    Kacj Aioig 6 months ago+5

    One question when can we get this game on Consoles

  • Reed N
    Reed N 6 days ago

    It took you more than 10 minutes to get into the game... the video actual starts at 10:30

  • Phillip Nunya
    Phillip Nunya 6 months ago+3

    This game doesn't look as graphically orgasmic as PUBG, but I don't need to install spyware to play... So that's good. Also god says motherfuckers so it has to be good.

  • Matthias
    Matthias 6 months ago+5

    it's no longer live, why is there still 8 minutes of "we're starting in a bit" at the beginning

  • Henri Rochefort
    Henri Rochefort 6 months ago+28


  • Sneaky
    Sneaky 6 months ago+2

    i will tell you a little secret i am the fishman

  • Andrew Knowles
    Andrew Knowles 6 months ago+1

    0:10:25 What the heck was that? 😀

  • cao gia hưng
    cao gia hưng 6 months ago+1

    why the game owner does not give away this game for free if it will have more players than that, the game owner you can do it will be very helpful for you and the players

  • Chocolatecat Gameplay
    Chocolatecat Gameplay 2 months ago+1

    Quackity should raid this game lol

  • Josh Barnes
    Josh Barnes 6 months ago+19

    Stream starts at 7:17
    Now its 8:17 ?

  • HyphenSam
    HyphenSam 6 months ago+1

    Stream starts at 8:12

  • Mikkel Hougaard
    Mikkel Hougaard 6 months ago+1

    Video starts at 8:12

  • Agustin Martinez
    Agustin Martinez 6 months ago+1

    When do we get mobile version

  • DR. Sensei
    DR. Sensei 6 months ago+1

    Missed my chance

  • Joshua shalo
    Joshua shalo 2 months ago

    What is link for that discord for the game?

  • Daddy
    Daddy 6 months ago

    What people don’t understand is that games like this require a PLAYERBASE. With this price tag and how low quality the game itself is. It will be impossible to find a full game within a month after release