Scottish independence: How likely is a second referendum? - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on:  5/10/2021
  • Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has told Prime Minister Boris Johnson that a second independence referendum is "a matter of when - not if". But can Westminster block the democratic will of the Scottish Parliament? Please subscribe HERE

    The SNP has just won an unprecedented fourth term in office in the Scottish Parliament election, winning more than twice as many seats as their nearest rivals.

    They stood on a manifesto to hold a second independence referendum in the coming years - as did the Scottish Greens. Between them the two parties have a clear pro-independence majority at Holyrood.

    However, this does not mean they can go straight ahead to planning a vote.

    For Scotland to actually become independent, Ms Sturgeon is clear that the process must be both legally and internationally recognised.

    And Mr Johnson is clear that he does not want there to be a referendum any time soon, saying the vote in 2014 - which saw Scots reject independence by 55% to 45% - should be binding for "a generation".


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