Glam Boho Apartment Makeover! | What's My Aesthetic?

  • Published on:  6/21/2018
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  • Only Anthony 1 years ago

    The ONLY channel that I am okay with watching 30 minute videos.

  • June Corl 3 months ago

    Only Anthony same!

  • AnD sPriTe 3 months ago

    @Kayleigh Queen_7 ew

  • sabrina berriez 10 months ago

    It's been almost 3 months and Shizen hasn't updated the "about me" section of her website. It still says "I'm a poet and I know it." OMG Joey lol

  • She has youtube channel with 50k subs rn...

  • Alicia Rice 1 years ago

    Don’t get me wrong.....I love them as interior decorators but is it bad I love them more as a couple. Like I watch their videos to see them express their little inside jokes and laugh and enjoy each others company. Like I love them. The designing and business side is just an added bonus ahaha

  • Mia Sannes 4 months ago

    @Mia Sanders LOL, we almost have the same name😂

  • Dea Kolgega 6 months ago

    Kate is pregnant now!!! So happy for them.

  • KASSIDY Tv 6 months ago

    Mannn😍😍 we need a show on Netflix please

  • sara ts. 11 months ago

    So i took the quiz at to find what's my aesthetic and here's what i got:- 20% farmhouse / beachy- 20% quircky / whimsical - 20% bohemian- 10% minimalist- 10% mid-century modern - 10% vintage-eclectic- 10% modern/dramaticNow try to convince me that I don't have a confused personality 😂😂

  • Ashley Kelly an hour ago

    sara ts. Where did you find the quiz?

  • iz x 1 years ago

    She’s honestly one of the most gorgeous girls I’ve ever seen 😭😍😍

  • Norrissa Riggs 5 months ago

    The Cocoa girl? Yes! So jealous

  • Izzy Art 5 months ago

    Omg I agree

  • Leena Q Vlogs 12 months ago

    Who else is getting Cinderella vibes?

  • claeigh clag 1 years ago


  • Joya de Smits 8 months ago

    When Kate said she moved from Amsterdam I was expecting a Dutch accent, I was not disappointed.

  • Christa Franken 2 months ago

    When I read your comment, I instantly thought you had to be Dutch yourself. Checked your username and was not disappointed, for some reason it is always us Dutchies who shame other Dutchies for having this accent ...

  • Zena Mustafa 8 months ago

    Lmao as soon as Kate sniffed her hand an antibacterial soap advert about washing hands popped up on my screen😂