Top 10 Bruce Lee Real Fight Nobody Knows

  • Published on:  7/18/2019
  • Hello everyone, welcome to BruceLeeRealFight Channel. Today we are going to talk about 10 Bruce Lee real fight nobody knows. Many people often ask “Can Bruce Lee fight for real?” “Is he the real deal or fake?” “Was he just an actor or a real martial artist?” Some people also said that Bruce Lee never had a real fight so he won’t be a good fighter. We have done a research and gathered some of the unknown fights of Bruce Lee outside of movies. We also gathered the fights Bruce Lee had before he became an actor. If you are doubting Bruce Lee’s ability to go for a real fight, let’s just go through this video together and you will find the answers you want.

    Real Fight No 1: Bruce Lee VS Sammo Hung
    People who love Kung Fu, Wu Shu or any kinds of martial arts should know who Sammo Hung is. Sammo Hung was born in 1952, 12 years younger than Bruce Lee. He is a Hong Kong martial artist and has been a fight choreographer for other popular action actors such as Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Yuen Piao and others.

    Real Fight No 2: Bruce Lee VS Taky Kimura

    Real Fight No 3: Bruce Lee VS Wong Jack Man
    24-year-old Bruce Lee opened up a Kung Fu school in San Francisco. This has caused Wong jack Man and Bruce Lee found themselves at opposing ends of the San Francisco martial arts world. Therefore they fought and Bruce Lee won... the fights last 3 minutes. Bruce Lee won the fight but he didn’t feel happy. From there Bruce keeps thinking of a way to win a fight instantly. Is that the reason why Jeet Kune Do exists?

    Real Fight No 4: Bruce Lee VS Muhammad Ali’s Bodyguard George Dillman
    George Dillman is a master of Ryukyu Kempo Karate. He is ranked 10th degree black belth in Karate. He trained with Muhammad Ali and was once his bodyguard before.

    Real Fight No 5: Bruce Lee Street Fight in Hong Kong
    Bruce Lee had a lot of street fights in Hong Kong before his returning to the United States at the age of 18. He learned Wing Chun from Master IP Man at the age of 16 because he wanted to win over every fight he had on the street.

    Real Fight No 6: Bruce Lee VS Joe Lewis
    Real Fight No 7: Bruce Lee VS Skipper Mullins
    Real Fight No 8: Bruce Lee VS Yuen Wah
    Real Fight No 9: Bruce Lee VS Wong Shun Leung
    Real Fight No 10: Bruce Lee VS Chuck Norris

    After seeing the 10 fights of Bruce Lee, what do you think about these fights? Please leave your comment below, we would like to hear from every Bruce Lee fans around the world. Last but not least, if you love our videos please Share, Subscribe and ring the notification bell. Thanks for watching.

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