Future - Crushed Up



  • MrBeast G
    MrBeast G 2 hours ago

    This beat is so godd except its a fucking gay mumbler not a real rapper.


    fuck boy thats he talk

  • kashon socool
    kashon socool 5 hours ago

    lol spelling

  • kashon socool
    kashon socool 5 hours ago

    yall must be on some cocane or somthing

  • kashon socool
    kashon socool 5 hours ago

    can yall not understand rap?

  • swag pepperoni
    swag pepperoni 5 hours ago+1

    Vro this hard

  • MatiaxelHD
    MatiaxelHD 5 hours ago

    Diamonds in the face,crushed up,i can see it 🔥

  • 88ntil
    88ntil 6 hours ago

    This is a tough record.. it has to grow like a couple listens on you.. look it mask off that just took off .. who knows

  • Rashawd Gray
    Rashawd Gray 6 hours ago+1

    'i just joined da big league LONZO' yeah Zo

  • Aaron Darville
    Aaron Darville 6 hours ago

    Future a great artist but this just ain't one of the good tunes, every rapper got hits n misses.

  • George Da Don
    George Da Don 9 hours ago


  • Sim Mack
    Sim Mack 11 hours ago

    Wack no meaning

  • mya r
    mya r 12 hours ago

    sound like wifisfuneral IMVU for a second...🤔

  • Sac kings
    Sac kings 12 hours ago

    This and march madness slap so hard

  • Gerale Smith
    Gerale Smith 13 hours ago+1

    Future music is a guilty pleasure

  • Tommy gun kid
    Tommy gun kid 14 hours ago

    This song makes me want to divide by zero

  • SecretSun music project

    Interestingly, the track has no melody, no beautiful words and text!!! This guy can change his style to singing and try to get away from shitty music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sir Pass
    Sir Pass 15 hours ago

    Seriously ALL.... and I mean all of his music... sounds exactly the same! Smh lol

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