Giants vs. Cowboys Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2018



  • OG Seahawks
    OG Seahawks 11 months ago+608

    Eli literally has 0.0000001 milliseconds to throw the ball

  • Hugh Honey
    Hugh Honey 11 months ago+625

    This is why I never change my profile pic........

    7,345,679 Views 11 months ago+108

    Prescott looks like a RB even when he runs

  • Eraserhead
    Eraserhead 11 months ago+138

    what’s the point in even paying the giants o line? i feel like a shower curtain offers more resistance

  • Derek Geter
    Derek Geter 11 months ago+65

    Giants o line

  • Tyrone Jacobsen
    Tyrone Jacobsen 11 months ago+310

    Giants O-Line is the biggest crap on earth xD

  • Samuel Lin
    Samuel Lin 11 months ago+186

    im 5'9 160lb and i reckon i have shot at giant's o-line

  • Brenden C
    Brenden C 11 months ago+76

    Let’s be honest. The real score was 20-3. The last 10 points were in garbage time

  • MegaClintbeastwood
    MegaClintbeastwood 11 months ago+187

    I didn't know Odell still played for the giants until there was 3 mins left in the game.......

  • Chase nickles
    Chase nickles 11 months ago+795

    It feels like the giants start 0 and 2 every season

  • JDEZ09
    JDEZ09 11 months ago+54

    Watching Dak and Zeke as a running combo is fuking insane!

  • Kelvin Imosemi
    Kelvin Imosemi 11 months ago+161

    I swear I feel so bad for Eli .buddy has 2 rings against Brady and all he gets called is average .look at the state of his o line , it's supposed to be improved this season , well the improvements are hard to see .for everyone criticizing Eli ...there's something called routes that have to be run before the ball gets thrown .Eli doesn't get a chance at all with that o line ...he just got popped and punked all game's a shame because no quarterback would survive such yet Eli gets all the stick .it's unfair ,common sense ain't very common .a blind man could see that he isn't even being given a chance with that o line .
    I support the pats btw

  • Cowboys 21
    Cowboys 21 11 months ago+77

    Giant's fans: Giant's are gonna stomp all over Cowboys
    Me: smh🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Litt Music
    Litt Music 10 months ago+111

    The Cowboys listened to Mayzin - Zo Flow before the game 🔥🔥🔥

  • jabron2009
    jabron2009 11 months ago+338

    don't let this distract you from the fact that the browns haven't won a game since december 2016

  • Isaiah Henry
    Isaiah Henry 11 months ago+105

    So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that Zeke trucked Landon 1:19 😂😂

  • cowboysnation84
    cowboysnation84 11 months ago+7

    Shout out to Tony Dungy & Rodney Harrison for picking the Giants to beat the Cowboys!!!🤫🤫🤫

  • Danny Garcia
    Danny Garcia 11 months ago+17

    Puro pinche cowboys!!!!!

  • Jamie Naylor
    Jamie Naylor 11 months ago+25

    Our o-line is trash. How many hits does manning need to take! Cannot see us doing anything this year at all. Only positive is barkley is doing what he can.

  • Emmanuel Odeshi
    Emmanuel Odeshi 11 months ago+837

    God please be with Shannon Sharpe tomorrow morning