How Aurelian restored Rome Pt1.5 REACTION

  • Published on:  5/28/2021
  • Original Video:

    Hello everyone, today we will be reacting to a well-known history YouTube channel called "HistoryMarch". They are a pretty nice history youtube channel that I have watched and reacted to before a few times on this channel. In this particular video, however, we will be reacting to a video called "How Aurelian restored the Roman Empire (Part 1)". This was a video series recently suggested that I watch on the comment section of my history of Africa reaction video. (Go check that out). The video is quite self-explanatory, it is about how a Roman named Aurelian helped restore the decaying Roman Empire.

    Part One Reaction:

    Description from the original video but grammatically correct:

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    🚩 I'm very pleased to have worked with Dr. Byron Waldron on this video. His research and incredible insight into the Crisis of the Third Century made this video possible. The Crisis of the Third Century was one of the darkest periods in Roman history. By 270 AD the empire had practically disintegrated, but emperor Aurelian managed to string an unprecedented series of military victories to restore the Roman Empire. This mini series will feature 3 parts, stay tuned.

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    📝 Research and Writing by Dr. Byron Waldron

    📢 Narrated by David McCallion

    🎼 Music, courtesy of EpidemicSound

    📝 Sources:

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    Thank you all for watching and make sure to check out "HistoryMarsche"!