Hey Vsauce ThAnoS here!

  • Published on:  5/10/2018
  • Hey Vsauce ThAnoS here! Thank you for watching please leave a like on the video and subscribe if you haven't already!Outro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL2IB...


  • Ceeday
    Ceeday  a years ago+11421

    My last Thanos video... i think

  • datdarrrk
    datdarrrk 3 months ago+830

    Rewatching every ceeday’s video as usual

  • Natsuuftw
    Natsuuftw 3 months ago+712

    anyone watching in the season 8 Avengers X Fortnite event?(or szn9?)

  • Abraham Madriz
    Abraham Madriz 6 months ago+856

    2:25 To this day you can still hear the echo

  • Matthew _daewotzman
    Matthew _daewotzman 5 months ago+121

    Thanos has 1000 health
    \/ click like to take damage

  • Dxriel
    Dxriel a years ago +6346

    You are the Funniest fortnite youtuber

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi 5 months ago+237

    Forget Iron man. Forget Captain Marvel. We need bush boi

  • Andrew Ferj
    Andrew Ferj 5 months ago+115

    Anyone here in 2019 because Ceeday will NOT upload

  • Robloxian Dog
    Robloxian Dog 5 months ago+427

    Season 8 anyone. Like if you watch in season 8

  • Kalebxp123
    Kalebxp123 6 months ago+69

    3:21 B R I N G I T

  • Kalerobber
    Kalerobber 3 months ago+30

    Oh, I know yo big YEASY HEDA$$ ISNT AT MY SPAWN

  • No You
    No You 3 months ago+48

    Here after the endgame vid? ;)

  • Joshua Mattos
    Joshua Mattos 4 months ago+16

    Thanos: hey Vsause, my name is Thanos.
    Ceeday: FUUUUUU

  • Matthew5916 _
    Matthew5916 _ 3 months ago+22

    "last THANOS video"
    endgame LTM is out. Ceeday is online. It's happening boys

  • Stephen Colon
    Stephen Colon 8 months ago+1579

    Who is better at Fortnite like=Ceeday reply=fe4Rless

  • Clementine TWD
    Clementine TWD 4 months ago+17

    He has more views than subs.
    Who's here because he hasn't uploaded in a month.

  • Andy Wang
    Andy Wang 3 months ago+21

    who just got this in their recommendations after the new mode came out?

  • Douglas Dumont
    Douglas Dumont 3 months ago+15

    At 0:40 it’s the guns you get for the new endgame gamemode😂

  • MemphisFX RUEZ
    MemphisFX RUEZ 3 days ago+1

    if only he knew about mechs anyone watching in season x?

  • Luis Cruz
    Luis Cruz a years ago+1220

    I like this dude he is so funny i subbed