GoPro POV - 900HP 2JZ S15 Race Car Vs. STREETS!

  • Published on:  1/6/2019
  • Had the opportunity to take out the 3.4L 2JZ S15 out for a little cruise now that Enjuku got it all fixed up! Such a fun experience - can't wait to get this thing back on the track!http://LZMFG.comRAVI'S CHANNEL -


  • ThePabloConspiracy 5 months ago

    California: $1000 if you have a modified exhaustFlorida: unregistered 900hp s15 built for drifting on a track drives around downtown

  • Glockspecific 1 months ago

    Imagine what you can do in bfe Tennessee!

  • Saam 5 months ago

    His car sounds like a fax machine on steroids

  • Remi Chiasson 1 months ago

    I agree😂

  • Pro_Rman 1 months ago

    @FireFly14 oh my god ive completely lost faith in humanity

  • Kevin Declerck 5 months ago

    How does adam not have a forza car pack deal yet??

  • Russian Empire 1 months ago

    im pretty sure adam would have to ask to get one on forza, but if he did, im sure forza would say hell yeah,

  • BioLizard Venom 1 months ago

    Why havent the beamng modders added this thing into beamng?

  • VenTheMan 5 months ago

    Why his mustache look like two dogs kissing

  • Any man that’s been married should be able to handle all the noise from a transmission and a engine.

  • Alex Martinez 3 months ago

    @grant's lawn Please stop using the term "nigga". Your name is Grant and just called him a "Normie". You're obviously white trying to act hard on the internet, smh.

  • R31_ JDM 4 months ago

    1500th like exactly

  • SleepyDubVRT 5 months ago

    LZ street driving a crazy race car in FL, meanwhile in CA you can’t have modified exhaust on a street car. 😂

  • Psycho 5 months ago

    5:22 i creamed my jocks

  • Nigel Goodluck 4 months ago

    4:19 that thing sounds mental 🔥🔥🔥

  • VictorSucks 5 months ago

    Adam thinks he's slick with that "dealer plate"

  • Michael Hauser 3 months ago

    Jerry Jarvis hmmmmmmm hahahahahaha

  • Jerry Jarvis 5 months ago

    Looks like the plate from the BMW is missing

  • MAx jansson 5 months ago

    Adam: I’m stressed about how much fuel I have... 5 sec later full throttle banging gears

  • Tylor Agnew 5 months ago

    Wasn't full thottle tho

  • Cody Smith 5 months ago

    Send it! That's the way it's always been on this channel