YoungBoy Never Broke Again -Trap House (Official Audio)



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  • LG3 Snagur
    LG3 Snagur 11 months ago+994

    If you reading this I hope you get Rich one day✅

  • Ryan Webster
    Ryan Webster 11 months ago+750

    Stay safe young boy. We can’t have another legend fall.

  • LlamaNation
    LlamaNation 11 months ago +860

    Sometimes you have to like your own comment to get the ball rolling...

  • aaron berhane
    aaron berhane 11 months ago+394

    Hurricane Florence Isn't going to stop me from listening to NBA YoungBoy

  • Celeste Snyder
    Celeste Snyder 11 months ago+2729

    Like this is NBA YoungBoy is better than Lil Pump

  • I love You
    I love You 11 months ago+296

    If your reading this I hope something good happens to you today

  • leo renteria
    leo renteria 10 months ago+53

    “He talking like he raw, but u know I really know”💯💯

  • Daddy Daniel
    Daddy Daniel 11 months ago+399

    Nba gonna be a legend once he done like if you agree

  • Levi Johnson
    Levi Johnson 4 months ago+26

    like if NBA youngboy is better than Jayden Smith

  • Cy’Miera Engram
    Cy’Miera Engram 4 months ago+27

    Like if nba youngboy is better than Soulja boy

  • Marii Gaming
    Marii Gaming 11 months ago+109

    Only real fans would know his lyrics within 20 minutes later . 🔥

  • london wahlberg
    london wahlberg 3 months ago+21

    Like this if NBA YoungBoy is better than Lil Dicky

  • Klassy Gigi
    Klassy Gigi 8 months ago+16

    Trap house , trap out .. every pack gone naa big knots , big watch, big Glock for , five ! 😋😂

  • Here We Go Again
    Here We Go Again 11 months ago+474

    if you’re reading this i hope you and your family are successful🔥

    DICKHEAD OSN 11 months ago+43

    Where tf chief Otto aka big Gucci Sosa aka turbo aka gloman Aka almighty so at🤬🤬🤬

  • Darrion Beavers
    Darrion Beavers 8 months ago+73

    Like if he tha best rapper out here🤦👌💯

  • LaMonsta TM
    LaMonsta TM 11 months ago+24

    If you fw young boy like this

  • Freestyle Dance Hits
    Freestyle Dance Hits 10 months ago+129

    Youngboy and Mayzin are on fire. Listen to Mayzin - Zo Flow 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ella Smith
    Ella Smith 11 months ago+2382

    Like if you’re addicted to NBA Youngboy music