Super Bowl XXXVII: "The Jon Gruden Bowl" Raiders vs. Buccaneers | NFL Full Game

  • Published on:  10/11/2016
  • In honor of Super Tuesday the NFL presents Super Bowl 37, "The Jon Gruden Bowl".

    2:14 Charles Woodson Picks Off B. Johnson

    5:38 Rich Gannon Sacked by S. Rice on Third Down

    6:13 Janikowski Makes 40-yard Field Goal

    14:33 Gramatica Makes 31-yard Field Goal

    16:42 Gannon Sacked by Spires on Third Down

    19:38 Dexter Jackson Intercepts Gannon

    36:52 Gramatica Makes 43-yard Field Goal

    38:15 D. Jackson Intercepts Gannon Again

    46:34 Mike Alstott 2-yard TD Run

    1:00:23 B. Johnson 5-yard TD Pass to McCardell

    1:14:43 B. Johnson 33-yard Pass to J. Jurevicius

    1:18:51 B. Johnson 8-yard TD Pass to McCardell

    1:20:35 Dwight Smith Pick Six

    1:29:37 Gannon to Jerry Porter 39-yard TD

    1:40:26 Raiders Block Punt, Recovered for TD

    1:51:06 Buccaneers Fumble Field Goal Attempt

    1:58:06 Jerry Rice 48-yard TD Catch from Gannon

    2:10:12 Warren Sapp Sacks Gannon

    2:11:01 Derrick Brooks Pick Six

    2:16:56 Dwight Smith Second Pick Six of Game

    2:18:50 Buccaneers Celebration

    Super Bowl 37 was a revenge story for Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden. After being hired in 1995, Gruden helped build up the Raiders into championship contention by the early 2000s, but owner Al Davis traded him to the Buccaneers after a salary dispute. Gruden took his football expertise to Tampa Bay, where he guided the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl against his former team. Tampa Bay was not too interested in continuing the Shakespearian story, as they tore the Raiders apart en route to a 48-21 victory.

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