• Published on:  8/8/2018
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  • HartDanielsEq 11 months ago

    This is honestly one of my most favorite videos you’ve released. Not because of the look (although it is bomb) but because of the way you spoke so candidly and I honestly felt like I was sitting in the room with you. Thank you for always being so real and always being truly you!!

  • Kindrah Pegues 11 months ago


  • Cristina GonzaleAliayz 11 months ago

    Get off

  • Brianna Fox 11 months ago

    I agree with you 110%!! I only watch like 5 people anymore because I’m over the makeup drama. I just wanna do makeup & have a good time. Oh & hell ya about sponsorships! You should be PROUD 🔥👏🏼💵💋

  • Lauren Stolz 9 months ago

    You’re one of my faves Brianna!! Thank you for being one of the few that just does tutorials!! ❤️❤️

  • Bella Op den Buysch 11 months ago

    Brianna Fox yes girl. You and desi are 2 of my favourite youtubers because you come across so chill and so real, and I have zero patience for drama 😂😂

  • LORI with an E 11 months ago

    So usually when people say chit chat video it isn’t even like this! Desi you’re so natural when u speak to us! I really feel like your friend 😭😭😭😭😭 I started YouTube bc of influencers like you. Thank you for being a strong normal Hispanic women 😂

  • Lauren Morgan 11 months ago

    I’m not even going to lie, I was just going to stop here for a few and give you the view for your coins. But then you started talking about real stuff and I totally forgot how much I love your GRWM. It’s like I’m there and you’re just venting while doing a bomb ass makeup look.

  • Desi Perkins 11 months ago

    Lauren Morgan Aweeee 😭😭 Thanks girl 🙏🏽❤️ Means a lot to me 🙈

  • OH_KAY ••• 11 months ago

    I hate the drama and ‘Tea’ too. Nobody can just mind their business. Drama channels annoy me (yet entice me because I’m a bad person, but I’d prefer if they didn’t exist)

  • Desi Perkins 11 months ago


  • yvette ayala 11 months ago

    Omg my nose drips when I do my make up too! I thought I was just a weirdo 😂

  • Abbi g 11 months ago

    yvette ayala it’s because when you blend your foundation and concealer you hit your sinuses 😁

  • Alexa Carucci 11 months ago

    yvette ayala omg me too whyyyy

  • jholmie 11 months ago

    desi is literal latina barbie 💖💖💖

  • Danielle Hurley 11 months ago

    This is the only pink eye I want to catch

  • Nancy Pureco Luna 11 months ago

    Danielle Hurley 😂 We’re never gonna let Katy live that down huh?

  • hellochristiaan 11 months ago

    when she does concealer and she says “Becca” and you mentally say “aqua luminous” BUT THEN DESI PULLS A FAST ONE ON YOU AND GOES FOR THE “ULTIMATE COVERAGE” .... we love an evolving queen

  • Christina Cone 11 months ago

    hellochristiaan lol. I totally thought it would be aqua luminous too

  • Vacant days 11 months ago

    'y'all started with the jumbo milk pencils' ahhaah laughed so hard. I vibed everything you said sooo hard <3

  • Desi Perkins 11 months ago

    Vacant days 😘❤️❤️