• whus -
    whus - 16 minutes ago

    Who else came here after watching the SICKO MODE new music video?

  • progress waves
    progress waves 35 minutes ago


  • Teo Kurtaran
    Teo Kurtaran 41 minutes ago

    Why does Travis appear so much at the start...🐐

  • Rico OCIR
    Rico OCIR an hour ago


  • peanutbutterrobot
    peanutbutterrobot an hour ago

    james blake in a travis scott song. yesss

  • nba
    nba an hour ago

    Kid cudi kilt this shit wit his humming On Broooo

  • Diar
    Diar 2 hours ago

    this give me chills

  • Jared Easterling
    Jared Easterling 2 hours ago

    Dude really depicted god as a black dude with bitches dancing for him

  • Otse Attah
    Otse Attah 2 hours ago

    Love the effects

  • Rianne Smith
    Rianne Smith 3 hours ago

    Lmao!! TravieGod got sexy back up dancers. I'm dying!! LULZ.

  • Noah Marx
    Noah Marx 3 hours ago

    Kylie’s holding a goat because Travis is the G.O.A.T.

  • danny de
    danny de 5 hours ago

    this is amazing!!!!!

  • danny de
    danny de 5 hours ago


  • ezabackhome
    ezabackhome 5 hours ago+1

    Hmm Mhh
    Ahhh Lorde from south park

  • Adrian Smith
    Adrian Smith 6 hours ago

    Love that he has James Blake on his song. Totally gained some respect from me Travis.

  • Mars Fish
    Mars Fish 11 hours ago

    Travis Scott makes my heart flutter

  • mayra nazario
    mayra nazario 16 hours ago

    Im only here for James Blake

  • Potatus Vicious
    Potatus Vicious 20 hours ago

    What's the name of the chick with the pink hair tho

  • Galaxyy_Girl
    Galaxyy_Girl 20 hours ago

    nice video dude i keep replaying it :)

  • Pain Rikudou
    Pain Rikudou 20 hours ago

    This song is not a fucking respond to ariana grande or anyone with a song titled with the word „God“ you dummies! This song is like straight outta hell. Wake yo ass up people!
    He is literally telling us NOT to be with god!
    In this video he is making obvious fun of god, he is putting him self at the heaven spot and playing god like it’s nothing, like a game or something. Blasphemous af!
    And then we have the other part of the video where he is in on the back of that demon destroying the overworld and trys to burn down everything!!!
    And not just that but at 1:07 he is burning in hell! It’s so obvious, people wake up!!!!