(NEW) Past Life Therapy- Looking For Answers Guided By Lilian Eden

  • Published on:  4/27/2014
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    Spiritual Coaching Session http://www.lilianeden.com/rates
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    Lilian B. Eden is an internationally recognized Psychic-Medium, Hypnotherapist, Author/Producer who has helped thousands of people from all walks of life from around the world. Inspiring and advising others through private sessions, workshops, lectures, and through her guided meditations/processes.

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    What to expect:

    Eden's gentle and calming voice will guide you into a time portal of discovery. A chance to re-visit sites and sounds long forgotten until now. There will be plenty to explore as you are safely guided by Eden together with your subconscious mind. Let go and allow the scientifically formulated hypnotic sounds take you into an altered state where answers lie. Remarkably, each time you listen, more will be revealed to you. An unforgettable experience awaits...