Why Doesn't Hip Hop Respect DJ Akademiks

  • Published on:  7/9/2020
  • Frank as it may be, the notion that one person���s treasure is another’s trash thrives within hip-hop. Accounting for a broad array of tastes and temperaments, what you gravitate to may repel the next consumer. By the same token, they may wholeheartedly love something that you may find to be bordering on sub-par. For prominent examples of this, look no further than the ‘J Cole is boring’ debate or the fractured discourse surrounding any high-profile beef.

    Built on polarity, this notion of every figure in hip-hop being divisive isn’t limited to those who rhyme. In a hyper-competitive and volatile world, even the media personalities that provide insight or analysis on what’s going on in the culture are often reviled. From the provocative Charlamagne Tha God to Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg, no-one is ever going to capture 100% of the audience’s affections.
    Even so, in a world where contentiousness is expected, no-one splits opinion to the degree of DJ Akademiks.



    Narrated by: Pro (@JaysnProlifiq)
    Written by: Robert Blair
    Edited by: Roman Bill
    Music by: Josh Petruccio

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