Derrick Rose RETURNING To Chicago Bulls & Leaving Minnesota Timberwolves?

  • Published on:  1/9/2019
  • In this #SportHub video, we take an in-depth look at all the recent spotlight on Derrick Rose since returning to Chicago and hearing MVP chants from the crowd and also the recent firing of Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Tom Thibodeau who's someone D Rose had a close relationship to over the years. But with Derrick on track to make the all-star game in the Western Conference, it's definitely been a emotional headline type of year with him suffering from so many injury concerns in the past.#DerrickRose#TimberwolvesBackground Music -


  • Zack Kirk 5 months ago

    He needs to retire in Chicago

  • COLDEDVOID 26 days ago

    @antonio rivera Red and Black is always Swag.

  • John doue Quebec 1 months ago

    If drose wins atleast 5 rings in chicago he will be the goat.

  • Adriell Koa 5 months ago

    I’m a Bulls fan, but Bulls did D-Rose dirty so D-Rose don’t owe the Bulls anything.

  • Skyler langlow 5 months ago

    Make the bulls great again 😂

  • SnS Records 5 months ago

    I'm praying 2nd he go back to Chicago bruhhh

  • Charles Bryan Amba 5 months ago

    Stay in Minnesotta they rebuild you and the bulls organization just trades you when got injured . But the timberwolves revive your game & believe in you .

  • Robin Delos Santos 5 months ago

    I love derick rose forever he is humble.

  • Samng Ew 5 months ago

    Definitely yes

  • FaZe Slugger 5 months ago

    Robin Delos Santos yes totally

  • chris vodicka 5 months ago

    D rose really plays with heart, that's why everyone loves him

  • He is born in Chicago, so it wouldn't surprise me.

  • worst youtuber ever 3 months ago

    I'm born in Chicago I love drose

  • Ralph Dela croix 5 months ago

    Its up to him but i was really saddened hownthe bulls fans forgot his greatness when he was injured and they traded him away and now he is back to his MVP form they wanted him back

  • Stin M 2 months ago

    Bulls are mean to him. Why would he want to go back there if there mean to him?

  • Shateek Casso 5 months ago

    Definitely yes he should come back to Chicago BULLS......

  • Jaryd Jackson 5 months ago

    D-Rose and LaVine would be a terrifying back court at times 👀