5 Suppressed Scars...

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
  • 5 Suppressed Scars...Follow Me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/_CeedayThank you for watching please leave a like on the video and subscribe if you haven't already!Outro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL2IB...


  • T.E Lucid
    T.E Lucid 11 months ago+1369

    If you like this you will either
    1. Get superpowers
    2. Be the richest person in the world
    3. You and ceeday will be best friends (best choice)
    4. I ran out of ideas

  • Billz
    Billz 7 months ago+744

    5:16 the wild ceeday’s mating call 🤣🤣🤣

  • matthew duseau
    matthew duseau 4 months ago+135

    Who's here because he's not uploading

  • ItzAdamIsNoob
    ItzAdamIsNoob 7 months ago+119

    5 Suppressed Scars!
    4 Dual Pistols
    3 Double Barrels
    2 Rocket Launchers
    And a Medkit in a-chest-for me

  • Reorem
    Reorem 8 months ago+389

    6:51 911 Whats your emergency?

  • CozmicTurtles
    CozmicTurtles 11 months ago+1038

    Who is better
    Like : Ceeday
    Comment : Myth

  • Jayden Dsilva
    Jayden Dsilva 2 months ago+105

    Who’s watching this when supperresd scar got vaulted

  • it's Willis
    it's Willis 5 months ago+95

    1:18 lol I like how he transitioned from "this is gonna be perfect" to "this is gonna be risky."

  • Fuzion GoCrazy
    Fuzion GoCrazy 9 months ago+48

    4:05 that had me weak

  • Rampage Hyper
    Rampage Hyper 9 months ago+688

    5:16 = XD XD

  • Lil Skies Is The Goat
    Lil Skies Is The Goat 11 months ago+138

    The ninja edits are hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Dre
    Dre 5 months ago+37

    1:26 the definition of a tryhard

  • maddox flores
    maddox flores 8 months ago+29

    4:11 i love it turn volume to max to hear it

  • Bit Wing Animatronics
    Bit Wing Animatronics 8 months ago+42

    3:56 What you say to your Ex-Girlfriend

  • TAH Magicz
    TAH Magicz 6 months ago+32

    I know what men can do when they’re angry 5:20 😂😂

  • save the world is fun
    save the world is fun 11 months ago+346

    Who else is surprised that he brought back season 4 intro

  • MatixsenzGaming
    MatixsenzGaming 21 days ago

    ceeday: its all about being stealthy
    also ceeday 1 minute later: *blows down building

  • Adam and Christian vlogs

    When he laughs it makes me laugh 😂😂😂

  • Phantom MLG gamer 2648
    Phantom MLG gamer 2648 8 months ago+2


  • Grant Phillips
    Grant Phillips 2 months ago+2

    5:15 had me dying lol..