The Hanging Tree: The Hunger Games Tribute

  • Published on:  4/4/2016
  • WARNING: Massive SPOILERS for the entire Hunger Games franchise.
    I know, it's SO INVENTIVE to use movie's soundtrack to make a music video for the same movie, but god dammit, The Hanging Tree is just too damn good. Ever since the The Catching Fire came out i became a massive The Hunger Games enthusiast and i wanted to make a farewell tribute using the entire series, so this song, while an obvious choice, still a perfect one.
    The Hunger Games series is really good. It's layered, epic and so damn smart. That goes for both books and movies. Yeah, splitting Mockingjay into two parts was a mistake, but even then, i just can't ignore all the thought, talent and detail that went into adaptation. And nobody should. Here's my tribute that celebrates all of it, as well as beloved characters and epic story of a rebellion with a bittersweet ending.
    The way this video is made is (at least for me) is unconventional. I don't think i've ever worked with music like this, but i like to challenge myself. It was also difficult to combine the styles of all three (four?) movies together. The first one has shaky and gritty aesthetics, the second one is very bright and visionary, the last one is bleak and apocalyptic. I'm very curious to know what you think of my work, i'll appreciate any opinion, thank you.

    Made by Cruciatus (aka centperk)