8 Legs and Tastes Like Chicken aka Tarantulas - Why Would You Eat That?

  • Published on:  11/20/2014
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    Tarantulas… You know them best as giant, hairy spiders. But in some parts of the world, they’re also known as “dinner!” Hunting, roasting, and selling tarantulas is a part of life in parts of Venezuela and Cambodia. In the episode of Why Would You Eat That, we serve up 8-legged treats to all our friends!

    We’ve eaten our share of bugs around here, but spiders are a whole ‘nother matter. While furry, these critters are muscle food, packing in more protein than a 6-ounce steak. We may have another super-special bodybuilding elixir on our hands! …Maybe.

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    What crazy, disgusting, or smelly foods would you like to see us eat on the show? Have you had the personal honor of trying out tarantulas, or other land-dwelling arachnids? What’s the furriest food you’ve ever tried? Would you eat a tarantula, if Truly asked really, really nicely? What’s the most traumatic food you’ve experienced?

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