Trump On Hillary's Look and Stamina | Presidential Debate Highlights

  • Published on:  9/26/2016
  • Presidential Debate Highlights | Donald Trump the Republican presidential nominee discusses his rival's stamina to be president of the United States.SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: More on ABC News on FACEBOOK ABC News on TWITTER: MORNING AMERICA'S HOMEPAGE:


  • BLAH VIDEO 8 months ago

    "She doesn't have a presidential look" She immediately does her signature creepy, evil smirk. 🤪

  • Andrea yesterday

    That smile is creepy as hell

  • Big Nasty 8 days ago

    I'm a Potato the orange thing is old and it’s not a wig, get creative man

  • wil318466 17 days ago

    And he wound up being 10000% correct.

  • JLEE 34 13 days ago

    wil318466 everyone knows this.

  • Karch Dah-Veed 1 months ago

    She certainly had the stamina to complain about losing this election for 2 years. And she's still going STRONG!

  • MultiJejje 8 days ago

    Well the right believed she would be dead by now because you believed all Russian backed propaganda, 4chan propaganda, Alex Jones propaganda... but it was just fake news. And the right believed it. FAKE NEWS!

  • Randy Johnson 12 days ago

    @Mike Barbas wow were you dead wrong. Try to carefully wean yourself off of the fake news propaganda and groupthink. No collusion! No obstruction! By Trump anyway. Overwhelming hard evidence everywhere you look that crooked hillary, Obama and the dnc all colluded w Russia and Ukraine to undermine the 2016 election.

  • Damien J 2 years ago

    "STAMINA. I said she doesn't have the STAMINA. know...I don't believe she does have the stamina."

  • Toori Baba 5 days ago

    You know what she actually didn't have the stamina🤣🤣🤣

  • @Muhammad Ali Did you knock out George Foreman?

  • Gerald McAuley 2 years ago

    Why cant we have 2 normal people run for president?

  • mr sir 7 hours ago

    We did. And we elected one.

  • Random Guy 10 days ago

    Normal people don’t become politicians

  • Green System 18 days ago

    And Hillary kept that goofy smile...that’s the very reason why she lost, total disconnection from reality.

  • wright vcx 14 days ago

    She is going to show her same ugly smile to Bill Clinton when he gets "heart attack" and dies in front of her.

  • prince102671 1 years ago

    I love looking at all the pro Hillary comments about videos like this...and then laughing my butt off. She has always been, and will always be, a loser.

  • Liam Turbett yesterday

    Kelvin Prince no, I’m a white man from Australia. America is a joke.

  • Kelvin Prince 8 days ago

    Are u Arabic?🤔

  • Jerry Dupree 2 years ago

    Testifying for 11 hours...what was that for again?

  • Lion’s Den 2 days ago

    He said “Women don’t deserve equal pay, unless they do as good a job as men”. How is that wrong or incorrect in ANY WAY??

  • IGit ytaf 3 hours ago

    who's watching this in July 2019? Trump: ....she doesn't have the STAMINA, THE STAMINA. Hillary: When you spend 18 hours, destroying evidence, deleting/acid wash emails, and classified information DAILY, then you talk to me about stamina"