9 BADASS Aquatic Creatures That EAT Land Animals!

  • Published on:  3/27/2020
  • From Orcas eating moose to sharks catching birds right out of the sky, here are 9 amazing aquatic creatures that eat land animals! I think this topic is fascinating and hope you enjoy the updated version!

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    9. Orcas
    Orcas are powerful and impressive apex predators. Even great white sharks are afraid of them!! They are famous for beaching themselves and grabbing seals and sealions right off the shore. Then they will play with their food a bit before eating it. But did you know that they will also eat deer and moose? How is that even possible?

    8. Giant Trevally
    The giant trevally is said to only be afraid of humans, and sharks. Everything else is fair game! They are a big muscular fish and will eat just about anything, body slamming its prey then swallowing it in a single bite! The BBC’s Blue Planet II was amazingly able to capture giant trevally fish leaping out of the water to catch flying birds!!

    7. Silver Arowana
    A long fish that is native to the Amazon, the Silver Arowana is famous for being a powerful predator. Their mouths are at the top of their body and their jaws, palate, tongue and pharynx all have teeth. As you can guess from all of their teeth they are carnivorous and they tend to feed on other fish at the surface.

    6. Northern Snakehead
    In 2019, an invasive fish species was discovered in Georgia, USA that had the ability to breathe air and survive on land. After a fisherman caught a northern snakehead fish in a pond on private property, the wildlife resources division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources set out to find if the invasive species was found in the lakes around the area.

    5. Eel Catfish
    The Eel Catfish is a fish that actually hunts on land!! It lives in the tropical swamps of Africa where not many researchers can get to, so for a long time, we didn’t know very much about them! Until Belgian scientists went there to see for themselves.

    4. Archer Fish
    While the archer fish might look like any other ordinary fish, it has a surprising hunting technique! They love to eat insects and spiders but again, the problem is, they might be near the edge of the water but they don’t usually go in. So they have developed an epic super soaker gun that is able to shoot water like a bullet!!

    3. European Catfish
    Of course it’s difficult for fish to actually hunt land animals but the European wels catfish has evolved to grab pigeons by the river bank. They will leap onto the sand and catch the bird, dragging it back into the water for a tasty snack. So far it is only the European Wels Catfish in the Tarn River in Albi, France that are known to do this.

    2. Sharks
    Sharks are opportunistic hunters and eat all kinds of animals. Land animals might be more difficult but if there are animals near the water, they won’t hesitate to grab them if they are hungry!! Like orcas, sharks have eaten deer, polar bears, dogs, snakes and even! Wait for it...an echidna, which is kind of like a porcupine.

    1. Rainbow Trout
    You might not think of the Rainbow Trout as a fish that might be harmful to other species. But anglers in New Zealand recently found that their catch of the day was a little more than they bargained for. Rainbow trout are famous for their fighting spirit and ability to leap out of the water. Upon inspecting their catch of a large trout, fishermen found the remains of many mice inside! Somehow, these mice found their way into the water where the trout decided they looked like a tasty meal.