Mud Hole TV: Catching Clowns on Lake Ida in Delray Beach, Florida (Episode 2)

  • Published on:  3/27/2020
  • Peacock Bass, Clown Knifefish, Mayan Cichlids… Oh my! Watch another awesome episode of Mud Hole TV featuring some of the most exotic species of fish in South Florida.

    On this episode, the Mud Hole Crew hits Lake Ida, an urban fishing paradise in South Florida’s Delray Beach. With a combination of custom built rods from MHX Rods and CRB, the boys chase the elusive new “Lake Ida Slam!”

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    Coining their very own slam, the crew aims to land the three popular exotics of Lake Ida: Peacock Bass, Clown Knifefish, and Mayan Cichlid. Between some key medium-heavy to heavy freshwater rods, and an array of finesse spinning rods, it seems like we built just the rods for the job.

    We are here to bring the rewards of rod building to the masses. Not only by teaching you how to build your own custom rods, but also by going out and catching fish with the very rods we built to do it.

    After heading offshore in the first episode, the second installment of Mud Hole TV takes the crew to Lake Ida, FL to explore the canals holding a mixture of native fish as well as the exotic species that our crew has yet to target.

    Now exotic fun targets, like Peacock Bass and Clown Knifefish, find themselves in the crosshairs of some talented rod building anglers looking to cross these exciting species off a long list of fishy accomplishments.

    Catching fish on a rod you built with your own two hands is a feeling next to none.

    Let’s check out some Rod Recipes from the show!

    #1 The Leading All Around Bass Rod… in Red

    Rod Recipe:

    Blank: #MB843-RED-MHX Mag Taper in Metallic Red
    Guides: #3GKCC-2 CRB Polished Elite Casting Set
    Tip Top: #ECLT-5-5.5 CRB Model LT Polished Elite Top
    Fore Grip: #FG175-RDB Winn Fore Grip
    Reel Seat: #GCRS-16-S CRB Premium Graphite Casting Seat
    Rear Grip: #CS400-RDB Winn Casting Swell
    Fighting Butt: #BTW250-RDB Casting Swell Butt
    Primary Thread: #RNS-A-325 Fire Red ProWrap Nylon
    Trim Band Thread: #EMS-9001 ProWrap Electra Metallic Silver

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    #2 Pack a 4-Piece 8 wt. Fly Rod for Extra Fun

    Rod Recipe:

    Blank: #F908-4 MHX 8 wt. Traditional Fly Blank
    Guide Kit: #GKF-SN-908-P Polished Snake Style Guide Set
    Tip Top: #XFTL-4 Model FT Standard Loop Top
    Fly Grip: #FW75-250 Super Grade Full Wells Cork
    Reel Seat: #CL8R-T Channel Lock Fly Seat
    Fighting Butt: #FBCC-7 Cork/Composite Cork Butt
    Primary Thread: #RNS-A-822 Silver Smoke ProWrap Nylon

    Assemble your own Fly Rod Kit:

    #3 This Spinning Rod Really Rocks

    Rod Recipe:

    Blank: #SJ842-MHX 7’0” Spin Jig Series Blank
    Guide Kit: #KLH-KIT-70-A-B Fuji High Frame Guide Set
    Tip Top: #BFAT-5.5-4.5 Fuji All-Purpose Spin Top
    Fore Grip Check: #TWC16 Tapered Rubber Winding Check
    Reel Seat: #CRBPS-16CF-B CRB Comfort Palm Swell Soft Touch Seat
    Rear Grip: #MHX-RSG3T MHX Winn Split Rear Spinning
    Fighting Butt: #FBCC-7 Cork/Composite Cork Butt
    Primary Thread: #CFS-A-862 Black ProWrap ColorFast
    Trim Band Thread: #CFS-A-507 Pea Soup ProWrap ColorFast

    Build your Spin Jig Spinning Rod Kit:

    #4 Mean Green Baitcaster AKA The Peacock Bass Snatcher

    Rod Recipe:

    Blank: #MB873-GRN-MHX Mag Taper in Metallic Green
    Guides: #3GKCC-2 CRB Polished Elite Casting Set
    Tip Top: #ECLT-5-6 CRB Model LT Polished Elite Top
    Fore Grip: #FGT-2.0-250 Tapered Super Grade Cork
    Reel Seat: #GCRS-16-S CRB Premium Graphite Casting Seat
    Rear Grip: #RG-11-250 Straight with Two Tenons
    Fighting Butt: #CBC-3 CRB Composite Cork Butt Cap
    Primary Thread: #CFS-A-216 Tangerine ProWrap ColorFast
    Trim Band Thread: #CFS-A-807 White ProWrap ColorFast

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