Why Nicki Minaj didn't sign the Female Rapper 360 Deal

  • Published on:  7/29/2020
  • Nicki Minaj made Female Rap history when she refused to sign a 360 deal in 2009. In this video I discuss what a 360 deal is, why Female Rappers are always offered them and how refusing to sign helped Nicki Minaj amassed a $100 Million Dollar fortune, making her the wealthiest Female Rapper in History.

    I believe that Nicki Minaj is a Hip Hop Mogul and looking at the story of her come up into the mainstream music industry explains why. I hope you enjoy this video! I took a bit of a journey into Hip Hop History for this one! Why do you think Nicki Minaj turned down a 360 deal?


    00:00 - 02:46 - Introduction and video structure
    02:47 - 04:34 - Thank You to subscribers and the Barbz
    04:35 - 07:16 - An explanation of 360 deals and why Rappers sign them
    07:17 - 12:11 - Advice from Hip Hop OGs about 360 deals and losing money to record labels
    12:12 - 14:56 - Why female rappers are offered 360 deals, Atlantic records vs Nicki Minaj, negatives of accepting a 360 deal (Megan Thee Stallion's bad contract)
    14:57 - 17:19 - Why labels want to control their female rappers and how much Nicki made in the multi-million dollar Hip Hop industry by refusing a 360 deal
    17:20 - 26:39 - Nicki's mogul mindset and why she turned down a 360 deal
    26:40 - 34:05 - Nicki's smart business moves and why it is hard for other artists to turn down a 360
    34:06 - 36:22 - Outro and conclusions

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