Base Camp Location, Green Smoothie & Laundry Day

  • Published on:  12/13/2017
  • In this particular video it's laundry day and also I reveal location of base camp.... This is Pandamonium small RV Living with updates, upgrades, travels and the lifestyle of living in a Motorhome in different places.... off grid with solar power, composting toilet & rain water collection. This is my pandemonium tour across America in my 22' RV I call Panda with 1090 watts of Solar Power. So join me if your open to fun, excitement, traveling, hiking, day to day life & exploring on the road during my trip through the many states and cities .....wish me luck and good fortune on this life long adventure. Maybe I'll see ya on the road somewhere. Good or bad, smooth or bumpy it's time to hit the road..... "Onward Bound!" Wishing everyone Happy Trails and glad to have you along with me on this journey called life. Just a quick ending note I am a transgender and part of the LGBT community.
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  • Colette Malette
    Colette Malette 6 months ago+1

    Passport help get you into Canada too 😉 beautiful country that you may want to explore one day 😊

  • The Eagle Soars777
    The Eagle Soars777 7 months ago

    Who is that guy with the beard.... He is a Scream!! Moo moo looks darling!

  • Ken Kozma
    Ken Kozma 7 months ago+1

    You go girl!

  • youtube university
    youtube university 8 months ago

    Did she sniff her vagina

  • Chris Medrano
    Chris Medrano 8 months ago

    Ausia how much is a hot water heater?

  • Chris Medrano
    Chris Medrano 8 months ago

    I love me some ausia

  • Janice Peck
    Janice Peck 8 months ago+1

    Love your gifts. You and moo moo is so loved. Thank you show me around love the ride and directions i need green veggies so will try your smoothie. Your Mom can fax or email a copy of Birth certificate and you can show either at Mexican border. Just a thought if you want to try it if drivers license wont get you into Mx. Safe travels Ausia,moo moo. Jp

  • TravelChic56
    TravelChic56 9 months ago

    Moo Moo's going to need her own laundry basket with all her new clothes. Love her Christmas pic at the end. Good video. This video makes me want to get out and take a ride in my "Ramblin Rose" conversion van with my little furbaby Feebie BUT I have so much to do to get ready for Christmas in 1 and 1/2 days which BTW is not getting done as long as I'm on YT watching YOU and the tribe.....LOL. Merry Christmas to You and Moo Moo.

  • Alice In Wonderland
    Alice In Wonderland 9 months ago+1

    Love moomoo in Santa hat😊

  • Kris Thomas
    Kris Thomas 9 months ago+1

    So love traveling along! Even doing laundry !! Lol ! Moo moo is rolling in cuteness overload !!

  • Robert Vandenbrink
    Robert Vandenbrink 9 months ago+1

    Heat up some water on your stove and put it in a weed sprayer. ... half hot half cool and you can shower in your shower with warm water

  • Linda L
    Linda L 9 months ago+1

    Moo Moo is one of the most adorable and smartest dogs I've ever seen. Just precious with her little pink outfit that she was sporting so proudly. Lucky lady, Ausia

    HUGE BALLS 9 months ago+1

    Gurl i hope your BANGIN seth he is hot as hell eye candy Mmmmm Mmmmm finger lickin good !

  • Jackie Price
    Jackie Price 9 months ago

    There is a place y'all should go to Terlingua TX ,I don't know if there are bondocking there , it's worth checking out . Happy Holidays to all be safe .

  • Laury SpiritMoma
    Laury SpiritMoma 9 months ago

    Hey tell that cutie I am a cougar and I have my eye on him.
    Great video cant wait to meet up with your trip or just the group. I am the one who's stuck in Washington state taking care of my mom until March. Also getting my 1979 Dodge Coachman 22ft. Rv ready to travel. Hopefully I can get some help soon lots of things I have no idea how to tackle. I guess nervous or scared to mess it all up. Keep the videos coming. Tell everyone at Basecamp Hi from me and keep traveling on.

  • L Mathieu
    L Mathieu 9 months ago

    Maybe it was an informal Camera-Con :)

  • Booming Bubble Bus
    Booming Bubble Bus 9 months ago

    Was that 3.15 for diesel?! Geez! It's 2.49 here in Austin Tx. Good to see your daily happenings. Even laundry day is an adventure sometimes in my experience as well. Much love. Who is the brown eyed bearded man he's handsome. Is he single? 😊

  • Lana Hallock
    Lana Hallock 9 months ago+1

    Great video! Cute Moo-moo Xmas message. Happy holidays!

  • lukngud
    lukngud 9 months ago+1

    Lady Ausia Lee! The Best of Holidays to You and Moo-Moo! Onward Bound! Cheers! Thumbs Up!

  • Tellie Hack
    Tellie Hack 9 months ago

    Liked the happy music and your smiling face 😘