Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 More Actors' Accents | WIRED



  • pha7ness
    pha7ness 2 hours ago

    6:36 - 6:50 I love how he hits every note here with the little details. Watching a professional in his element is truly something special

  • elfo182
    elfo182 6 hours ago

    Cool video, but one thing tho as a Chilean myself. The stress in the word Chilean should be on the first syllable, chi'lean. I know American English does it differently, but it does sounds better if you stress it at the beginning.

  • meme dad
    meme dad 7 hours ago

    this guy is so hot

  • The Box of Magic
    The Box of Magic 8 hours ago

    I was hoping to see Michael fassbender’s atrocious American accent in alien covenant

  • Jenna Lee
    Jenna Lee 8 hours ago

    He would make an excellent professor.

  • Amerr Syarif
    Amerr Syarif 9 hours ago

    1 year had left, he look older than last year.

  • Q spacewitch
    Q spacewitch 9 hours ago

    I've never heard a proper southern Irish accent in a film. Ever. These examples are absolutely nothing like an Irish accent.

  • Andrew Kucheruk
    Andrew Kucheruk 10 hours ago

    He should review the accents of the characters of Team Fortress 2

  • Truest Moo
    Truest Moo 12 hours ago

    This editor is seriously annoying. Calm down mate.

  • Wendy Brooks
    Wendy Brooks 12 hours ago

    How do you get knowledge? Are you educated at school for it, or is it something innate in your personal ears?

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M 12 hours ago

    What is with the aggressive cuts between Erik and the clips? Hard to watch.

  • Tots Knows all
    Tots Knows all 12 hours ago


  • Pneumonoultramicroscopic Silicovolcanoconiosis

    this guy is so good, I am starting to question what his own accent is

  • Cat of the Castle
    Cat of the Castle 13 hours ago

    This guy, Eric is so great but who cares, he’s very attractive, right? Hes so fun to listen to.

  • Bayou Current
    Bayou Current 14 hours ago

    you can always tell when someone is talking about something they're really passionate about. You can just tell that Erik doesn't just *know* a lot about the subject but that he thoroughly enjoys what he does. this is what makes great teachers.

  • ThaSkully
    ThaSkully 14 hours ago

    What if he's doing an accent the entire time

  • Butch DeLoria
    Butch DeLoria 18 hours ago

    What’s your opinion on Jodie Comer’s Russian Villanelle accent in Killing Eve?

  • sean burke
    sean burke 18 hours ago

    In the name of the father was an amazing movie!

  • TheDecadencewillkill
    TheDecadencewillkill 19 hours ago


  • Boston Black
    Boston Black 20 hours ago

    I qwoll.