Pump University - Episode 3 (Style 101)

  • Published on:  3/19/2019
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  • It’s Wednesday My dudes
    It’s Wednesday My dudes 5 months ago+4515

    This is how many people try to join pump university

  • Hillary Gonzalez
    Hillary Gonzalez 5 months ago+376

    I received a PhD in Street Pharmacy from Pump University.

  • Thicc Kiccs
    Thicc Kiccs 4 months ago+211

    I went to pump university and look at me now!! I'm a McDonald's cashier😎😎😎

  • Kore Shot
    Kore Shot 5 months ago+434

    Director: So.. how many eskeetits would you like?
    Lil Pump: yes

  • B4ICU
    B4ICU 5 months ago+112

    Lil Pump: What's 2+2
    Student: 44
    Lil Pump: Congrats, you are fully Dripped.

  • Daniel Sambar
    Daniel Sambar 5 months ago+2255

    (Doesn’t go to a university, so he makes his own)
    400 IQ moments

  • Quik_Deku
    Quik_Deku 5 months ago+173

    Top 3 things u need to live

  • DecimalGlint6
    DecimalGlint6 5 months ago+63

    "Drippin' and Slippin' and Pimpin' and all that.
    And Fly "😂 0:50

  • tima.34_
    tima.34_ 4 months ago+26

    My greatest life choice was going to Pump University

  • KingMonkey0101 Bobi
    KingMonkey0101 Bobi 4 months ago+19

    What country is Pump university?
    Let me guess you do not get normal lunch! Lean and drugs

  • Hxry Beats
    Hxry Beats 5 months ago+1429

    Teacher: Where you will go study?
    Me: Pump university

  • Sam DaMan
    Sam DaMan 4 months ago+19

    I finally graduated and I’m the principal ESKETIT!!! 💀😂 💀

  • DerpDaDuck
    DerpDaDuck 5 months ago+9

    Today at pump University I said esketit in class and got an A++++

  • elias muzenko
    elias muzenko 5 months ago+45

    My mum when she gaves me the vacum cleaner for my room : 1:48

  • ThEChaS3
    ThEChaS3 2 months ago+10

    I don't listen to lll pump but dang this pump university stuff is funny

  • Joseph frg
    Joseph frg 5 months ago+1924

    LIL PUMP: " Welcome to pump university "

  • Brandon Kerandi
    Brandon Kerandi 2 months ago+12

    Whole Ivy League < Pump University

  • ReTread
    ReTread 5 months ago+17

    Pump: The more tattoos you got, the more clout you got
    Me: tattoos myself completely black all over my body

  • abdiel the lego creator miranda

    Narator: "the greateast mother£@€ker ever lil pump"
    Me: eh what

  • Rich man
    Rich man 3 months ago+13

    when will you upload pump university 04
    I’ve been waiting for a long time...