Jake Paul CAUGHT CHEATING on Erika Costell! #DramaAlert GREG PAUL S3X T4PE!

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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  • Azn
    Azn 11 months ago+1052

    Never mess with a hacker with an anime profile pic

    #STAY DIERTY 11 months ago+1893

    👴🏻This is Greg Paul he has 0 years in prison how many years can he get for every like he gets a year

  • _Jesar_
    _Jesar_ 11 months ago+904

    FBI:Greg Greg
    FBI:Banging minors
    FBI:Telling lies?
    GP:No FBI
    FBI:Open your mail
    GP:But she said she was 18

  • Lakers Fan Till LeBron Leaves

    A disabled kid falling out of his wheelchair trying to impress a girl really isn't funny. Kinda felt bad.

  • KripticNinja
    KripticNinja 11 months ago+220

    Bruh u messed up for laughing at that kid

  • Anatolian Viking
    Anatolian Viking 11 months ago+1183

    I like these hackers, keep it up 👍

  • mansa wilo
    mansa wilo 11 months ago+177

    U just laughed at a Boy in a wheelchair falling. Really dude

  • SbRange Gaming
    SbRange Gaming 11 months ago+85

    why you laughing at a disabled kid

  • Luke Berry
    Luke Berry 11 months ago+188

    Why is he laughing at that guy who fell out his wheel chair something is wrong with keemstar is he like a 40 year old creep

  • Brandi Perez
    Brandi Perez 11 months ago+7

    “Jake Paul attempts to cheat on Erika”
    pretends to be shocked
    Lmao I’m sure he’s cheated on her many times. It’s his kink apparently.

  • Swander
    Swander 11 months ago+514

    Every like Is the amount of jail time Greg Paul should get!

  • Zai
    Zai 11 months ago+395

    Lmao Erika is stupid who on earth would be in a relationship with someone like Jake?

  • Govinda Solanki Vlogs
    Govinda Solanki Vlogs 11 months ago+38

    When keem laughed at disabled person, why his fans defending him and calling it funny, it was absolutely disgusting. Its comparable to Logan Paul laughing at dead body(un intentionally) and keem laughing at disabled person(intentionally).

  • Spencer Emley
    Spencer Emley 11 months ago+11

    Now in the news keemstar disrespects cripplde man in wheelchair 2:50-3:10

  • Lewis Mack
    Lewis Mack 11 months ago+108

    U shouldn’t laugh if someone is in a wheelchair and falls what if he was ur fan and ur now laughing he could have really hurt himself u should feel shameful I’m so disappointed 😔

  • Cole Meierhofer
    Cole Meierhofer 11 months ago+24

    Roses are red,
    I hate school;
    But Keem’s Cotton Candy flavor
    Is the best GFuel.

  • Slender Guy
    Slender Guy 11 months ago+19

    Keem actually got some bbq chicken just for that scene
    That's some dedication

  • Brianna&Mia Gymnasts
    Brianna&Mia Gymnasts 10 months ago+36

    I wish allissa can say....
    Alissa:good luck with him
    Erika:worry about yourself he loves me more than he ever loved you
    Alissa :ok them😂💀are you sureeee?
    Erika:ugh go away
    dramaalert:jake Paul cheating?!?
    alissa : told her so...

    MR. PERFECT 11 months ago+1

    Cheating? Wait people ACTUALLY think they’re really together?😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Raji V Nair
    Raji V Nair 11 months ago+14

    I dont care why did i watch this