10 Animal Attacks That Will Surprise You!

  • Published on:  5/23/2020
  • From a praying mantis taking down a snake to giraffes trampling cyclists, here are 10 of the most surprising animal attacks.

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    10. Scolopendra Centipede
    Scolopendra centipedes are known to be particularly ferocious!! They can be over 1 foot long (30 cm) and have a set of very powerful fangs known as forcipules. Some cave dwelling scolopendra species have developed into major predators of roosting bats! Yes flying bats lurking in caves are apparently no match for this terrorizing centipede.

    9. Cassowary
    Cassowaries are some of the biggest and heaviest birds in the animal kingdom, quite similar to emus. These monstrous birds can't fly, but they can certainly kill. They can run at an astounding 30 miles per hour, grow to weigh over 130 pounds, and have a claw on each foot that looks like something better suited to a velociraptor.

    8. Praying Mantis
    Most of us know the praying mantis as the Kung Fu master of the insect world! Well, you may be surprised by how alarmingly true the title is. Praying mantises have the Kung Fu skills to take down prey double their size, defeating the world’s most venomous and dangerous critters with startling ease. But don’t worry, they aren’t dangerous to humans! But they are deadly to grasshoppers, crickets, spiders, hummingbirds, small turtles, and even SNAKES! Yes, snakes!!

    7. Cone Snails
    While on land snails are sluggish and slimy, snails in the sea are something else. There are over 40,000 species of snails on planet Earth. And while your garden variety snail may not be dangerous, there are snails lurking in the depths of the ocean with enough venom to take out a fully grown human.

    6. Koalas
    We have all heard the rumors, but nobody wants to believe it. Nobody wants to admit that the adorable koala bear could be such a bully. It’s too darn cute! And yet there are almost countless incidents in Australia of koalas attacking dogs and people with absolutely no mercy, like in December of 2014 when a woman in South Australia ended up being bitten by a ferocious koala bear while trying to protect her dogs.

    5. Beaver
    In the country of Belarus, located between Russia and Poland, they have something of a beaver problem. Beavers almost went extinct in Europe due to poaching and excessive hunting, but in the past decade have been making a big comeback. And yes, you guessed it, they came back with a vengeance. Beaver attacks are very uncommon but there have been more and more reports as people enter their habitat and disturb them

    4. Leopard Seal
    Seals are often referred to as the dogs of the sea, and in a lot of ways this is true. But did you know that these slippery underwater animals are actually sadists? Leopard seals are some of the most brutal animals on the planet, killing not only to eat, but also for fun. And while they may look lazy and nonchalant relaxing and patting their bellies on shore, they are 1,300 pounds of pure mayhem underwater.

    3. Scorpion-Eating Shrew
    When you think of the deadliest animals, I doubt that a shrew comes to mind!! In case you're not sure what they are, they look kind of like mice but are not rodents. They have their own family and are a small insectivorous mammal. Like the mantis, they are not dangerous to us but they are vicious predators if you’re an insect!

    2. Giraffe
    South Africa is known for its wildlife, both big and small. It’s also famous for great cycling. Who would have thought this would be a deadly combination? Neither did a man in 2015 when he left the Thaba Monate Lodge in the Limpopo province to go for a leisurely bike ride. But he was found later that afternoon by some other guests staying at the lodge.

    1. Hungry Hippo
    Hippos may look like gentle giants, but think again. Hippopotamuses are the deadliest creatures in all of Africa, killing more people than any other wild animal. And they are far from calm, known more for being aggressive, territorial, and using their enormous, sharp teeth to get rid of threats. They also have no trouble running on land faster than 20 mph.